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USA, Utah – Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks

Published: 11.1.2021
We have visited several national parks in America, but mainly two have settled in our hearts. The first is green Zion and the second orange Bryce Canyon. That you've never heard of them? Yes, they are not as famous as the famous Grand Canyon, Sequoia or Yosemite National Park, but they will also enchant you.

The two parks are about 1.5 hours apart. So if you would like to visit both in one day, it will not be a problem. Like all national parks, these two are well organized and marked. Let's take a look at Zion first. At its heart is the Virgin River Canyon and is surrounded by Deertrap, Cathedral and Majestic Mountain. All this, together with the green vegetation, creates an incredible symbiosis. Along the river, an eight-kilometer stretch of Zion Canyon Scenic Drive with many impressive vistas leads up north. However, you will not be able to get to this charming route by car. Only the shuttle service from the Zion Visitor Center runs here. We completed the Emerald Pool Trails (Lower and Upper) topped by the Kayenta Trail along the river.

NP Zion

But there are more possibilities. For example, the Wheeping Rock Trail and the Hidden Canyon Trail ending with a photo shoot at a rock arch. The almost 4km Angel’s Landing trail is also recommended.

NP Zion   stezka v Zionu

skalní útvary Zionu   údolí s řekou v Zionu

In contrast, Bryce Canyon has a completely different scenery of red and white rock pillars and bizarre rock formations. Quality hiking trails lead through the park. The most beautiful prospects we can recommend from our own experience are Bryce Point, Sunrise and Sunset Point, Rainbow Point and finally Inspiration Point. The highest point of Bryce Canyon is Rainbow Point at 2,775 meters above sea level. About 400 species of plants grow in the whole park. These are usually pines, junipers, spruces and willows. Some pines are over 1,600 years old. From the animals you can come across foxes, cougars, bears, baribals, lynx or deer. All the time we were lucky only on the coyote by the road.

skalní útvary v Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

To visit, it is good to avoid the summer months and direct the road to the spring or autumn months, when there is a minimum of tourists. If you plan to visit more parks, it is definitely worth buying a convenient multi-ticket, you will save a lot on the entrance fee. If you are a romantic soul, try to spend the night in the park.

pohled na Bryce Canyon   skalní oblouk Bryce Canyon

GPS: 37°38'27.4"N 112°10'09.2"W

Text and photos: Veronika Kocmanová

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