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Vietnam, Phu Quoc – A Vietnamese Pearl in the Gulf of Thailand

Published: 16.12.2017
Phu Quoc is the name of the largest Vietnamese island situated in the Gulf of Thailand close to Cambodia. Islands in the Gulf of Thailand are beautiful this one is no difference. The island is mere 50 kilometers long (from north to south). In the north the island is wide and it narrows down towards the south. Majority of the island is covered in green but this will not be the case in the future. The island features beautiful sand and palms. Who would love this?

Local beaches are and will be very demanded by tourists. No traveler knew about the beauty of the island only a couple of years ago. There are many small accommodation facilities as well as large hotels along the shoreline. Many projects of large hotel resorts and hotel villages along the soutwest shoreline. There is Long Beach, a 20-kilometer sand beach. The north-south asphalt road runs in these places with many turns which lead into the forest at the present. Many areas on the islands are plain construction sites, not nature or villages. Vietnamese are a very industrious people so structures are literally rising in front of your eyes. Vinpearl town is a nice example of the trend. Book guides didn't even mention it back in 2012. There are an amusement water park and a safari now. The northwestern part of the island features beautiful beaches yet these are quite difficult to access for impenetrable forest or some resort separete them from the rest of the island. 

pláže na západě ostrova

turisticky nedotčená pláž Thom Beach, a beach on the northeats of the island  na severovýchodě ostrova   Vinpearl Land amusement park

Duong Dong is the only town of considerable size on the island. Typical Asian traffic chaos reigns over this place. Spend a while there. I recommend you to walk around the surroundings of the port near to which is the temple of Dinh Cau, and a white and blue lighthouse standing on a small cliff. Next, visit the night market in Ly Tu Trong street and Bach Dang. On the opposite riverbank in Trân Phú street have locals their own chaotic market and fragrances emanating from the stores are not very appealing too. Quite interesting opposites these two places.

a market for tourists

Rent a scooter (ca. 150 CZK a day). Should you travel down south, make a stop at Pearl Farm. The farm is rather a jewelry store. Kind shop assistants show you where exactly are pearls located in a seashells and they answer any questions you might have.

An Thoi village is the southernmost place on the island. From here ships set sails to the archipelago which goes by the same name. You can either rent a boat or join an organized trip for about 500 CZK. Rocky islands are covered by thick vegetation, underwater corals lure people to snorchl dive. Little sand beaches stretching betwee boulders are great for sunbathing and bathing in the sea. I highly recommend you to visit this area. However, bear in mind that you should choose some fast boat to get there or you may well spend more time on a boat than on the beach.

the fishermen village of An Thoi   the fishermen village of An Thoi

Sao Beach on the east of island. You may glide on the chute behind a boat for 500 000 VND (ca. 500 CZK) or you may rent a jet ski. The road to Thom Beach on the east of the island is rather adventurous according to the information we've read. In reality it was anything but. Instead of a dirt road there was a new asphalt road going through tropical forest and leading to nowhere. Anyway, the ride was magnificent. Only several people live on this 30-kilometer long road. And there is no village to be found around here. People think ahead of time on this island. One struggles to understand them. Roads criss cross the island and run to a roundabout with a blind turn at the Thom Beach. One simple restaurant was built on the beach on island's eastern shore.

a beach of Sao Beach   a beach south of Sao Beach

In the future, new resorts will grow on the island. Travel there as soon as possible. If you love luxurious complexes, wait a while and travel there at some point in the future. You won't regret.

GPS: (airport) 10°09'41.0"N 103°59'35.9"E


Text and photos: Martina Brožková

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