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Places of interest

Do You Know That? Kurdistan
Published: 24.6.2012
Probably everyone heard about this country, where is but few who really knows where lies the territory of which so vividly portraying Karl May in his story Kara ben Nemsi - Wild Kurdistan.

Turkey: Istanbul-A Life In The City-VIDEO
Published: 30.11.2010
The cars on highway from Sabiha Airport, distant from Istanbul city a couple of kilometres, move slowly ahead. So, it is time enough for the first quick acquaintance with the biggest Turkish town and way of life there.

Dilek Yarimadasi Mili Parka - Turkey
Published: 28.11.2009
Most of tourists arrive to Turkey, in order to visit predominantly the places of interest, such as Istanbul, Efes, mythical Troya, Pamukkale or Cappadokia, but hardly anybody could admire nice, and really fascinating milleu of Dilek Yarimadasi Mili Park.

Hagia Sofia In Istanbul
Published: 26.10.2009
Hagia Sophia, the Church of Holy Wisdom, in past the holiest building in Constantinople, capital of Byzantion Empire, is shocking, first of all, with its high and wide inside spaceas well as illumination effects, making an impression that the cupola is rising in an air.

Topkapi palace
Published: 18.10.2008
Topkapi Palace, oficially named as Palace with Cannon Gate, was living nerve of Ottoman Empire in past. It was an official seat of Ottoman sultans and government centre of the Empire within 1465 and 1853. It is situated on place of Greek town of Byzantium, later re-named to Constantinople and consequently Istanbul.

Turecko - Alanya
Published: 23.9.2008
One of very interesting tourist targets for your holiday relax, there is Turkey. This country, situated on edge of Europe and Asia, has more and more suppositions to meet requirements of tourists. It became very popular thanks to combination of European and Moslem cultures.

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