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Safety information

Owing to occasional presence of terrorist attacks, which cannot be excluded even in the future, there is recommended to pay increased prudence, during stay in places with big concentration of persons, especially in tourists´ frequented places. In case of unexpected situation, it is absolutely necessary to follow the advice of local authorities. Before your possible travel into regions of East and South-East parts of Turkey is effected, you are recommended to judge carefully specific relations and increased risks of these areas. So, we recommend you, if you have the intention to travel there, to inform in advance at Czech Embassy in Ankara or at General Consolate in Istanbul about actual relations in these regions. Would you therefore to avoid travelling in the night, to behave quietly and with dsicipline during passing control points of army, and follow the instructions of local authorities. Some roads could be closed by army. Further,  it is not recommended to meet the requirements of local inhabitants, to take with different packets, films, letters, etc. If a consignment of such character could be found in tourist´s luggage, and could have any connection with terrorist organizations, relatively heavy penalty is menacing to such person. Nevertheless, in the other parts of Turkey, there are no serious problems, regarding personal safety. Except tourist resorts and big cities, you can calculate the possibility that a woman alone could inspire an attention. Anyway, if a woman takes a walk in the street , outside these areas, especially in the country, (or accmpanied with another woman), she cannot wonder at eventual troubles.

In general, safety situation in Turkey is comparable with those in Europe. However, attacks are less frequent as in west Europe. Small criminality (pilferages of personal belongings from hotel rooms, car robberies, deceits) is quite frequent in main tourist regions, even the cases of violation are occured. So, we cannot recommend you, in any case, to have a night´s lodging in open air, or leaving of personal belongings in unwatched places.

Nevertheless, climatic conditions in Turkey are, especially in summer, relatively hard. So, we recommend you to drink sufficiently, in order the dehydration could be avoided. Further, you need to get proportional quantity of salt, together with food, as, increased sweating is floating away the minerals from the body, and later, its shortness could lead (at long term stay) to weakiness feelings, dizziness or faintness. So, many visitors have enough experience with weak type of diarrhoea, arising usually by influence of climatic and feeding changes.

Turkey became, after South-east Asia Region, the first European country, where so called bird-influence occured. Anyway, it seems at present, that this infection could be under full control in the country. Nevertheless, we wish to recommend to Czech citizens, travelling to Turkey, that they would maintain basic hygienic rules, not to eat unsufficiently thermically worked chicken meat and eggs, and to avoid any contact with live, ill, or dead poultry, to avoid contact with places and surface, which could be interfered with poultry dirts or excrements, incliuding birds´ markets and pountry farms. On the other hand, the meetings with serpents or scorpions could be rare in Turkey. As most of such aninmals, they attack only, if they feel to be menaced. Attention. you can meet in Turkey the dogs, independently moving up and down.

Caution: Turkey belongs to the countries with highest number of traffic accidents and highest number of dead cases. So, we recommend you to keep increased attention to the other participants of traffic movement. Traffic rules are similar to those, which are valid in Czech Republic, however, they are not kept in realty. Especially foot-passengers would be very watchful, as in Turkey, „the rule of absolute preference of motor vehicle“ is being applicated.

When driving your car, we recommend you also to take into consideration another specific things of local traffic: the drivers give signs of their presence by means of noisy sounding. The use of light signal does not mean that you have the preference, but just the contrary. If the driver in front of you is making a signal with left sign-post, this action does not mean turning to the left, but it could mean a sign that the driver has the intention to surpass you.

In general, the Turks are very friendly to foreigners. If they could behave to you in different way, so, it is a reaction for your promoting and arogant  behaviour of foreigners. So, friendly and positive attitude could be an important assumption for binding of good contacts. Further, we wish to recommend you, not to under-estimate cultural differences of Islamic religion, and respect great veneration, which is connected with state symbols of Turkish Republic (state flag or pictures and statues of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey).


Important phone numbers: 

Police:                         155

Emergency service:    112

Firemen:                      110






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