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General Information

Official name:                       The Republic of Usbekistan

Capital:                                   Tashkent

Extent:                                    447 400 square kilometres

Population number:            26 410 416 (2004)

Official language:                 Usbek language

State organization:              Republic

Main religion:                        Sunnite Islam (88%), in its moderate form

The highest peak:                Bestor (4301 m)



Usbekistan is situated in Central Asia, has several neighbours, such as: the Kasachstan, Kyrgystan, Tadzhikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. With its extent, the country takes 57th place of scale of states. The Republic itself was founded on 1st September 1991, when the subsidiarity from Soviet Union was deposed.


Great surfaces of Usbekistan are filled in with deserts. As a consequence, very big differences between year saisons are prevailing. The summer is long, warm and extremely dry, whereas the spring is humid and rainy, with moderate frosts. The winter is unsettled, with a lot of snow and temperatures below freezing point. So, between July and August, average afternoon temperatures move over 30 °C. On the other hand, the temperatures in winter move round

-14 °C.


The Usbeks form, from several millions numerated nations, approx. 71%. The Russians (8%), Tadzhiks (5%), Kasachs (4%), Tartars (3%), Kyrgyszans (2%) and other small communities follow. Regarding religion: Sunnite Islam (in moderate form) is dominating. To the greatest towns belong Tashkent, Samarkand, Andizan, Bukhara, Fergana and Kokand.




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