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The travellers to Usbekistan would be ready for frequent controls which are very severe and take a lot of time. Such procedures start just on the airport, at arrival as well as at departure, and documents´ checking, when travelling by public means of transport or during visit of historical places of interest in Tashkent, or during controls, effected in each reagion of the country.

So, in this connection, we wish to recommend you to have your documents (originals or copies) always available.

The move in some Usbekistan regions is rather limited. It is, first of all, Surkhandariya Region, neighbouring with Afghanistan, including the town of Termez. Hayraton-Cross-border point between Usbekistan and Afghanistan, is inferior, (subject to the fact if it is open), very strict control of Usbek police authorities. For travelling to such closed areas, you need the permit of Usbek Home Ministry (you can ask it for by means of Usbekistan Embassies abroad).

However, very few information exist, regarding areas covered with mines, along Tadzik and Kyrgystan borders. So, you are recommended, do not visit such localities at all!

In Karakum and Kyzylkum Deserts, would you travel with an assistance and guide of very experienced persons only. The same is valid for trips in bottom of desiccated sections of Aral Lake .The way there is not safe. The reason is - so called „movable sands“, and also signals of mobil phone operators are missing there.

Further: you must be very careful, when travelling in Fergana Basin. This region belongs to most unstabile Usbekistan regions (areas), owing to Islam terrorists attacks. The area is characteristic with its increased danger of police controls.

During your trip from Tashkent to Andizan, you pass strategic objects (tunnels, bridges). At its neighbourhood, it is absolutely forbidden to make photos as well as the use of mobil (cellular) phones. So, you are recommended to pay your highest attention in this respect.

While travelling to Fergana Basin, you would like to choose suitable cloths, covering arms and legs in its whole length (this rule is valid, first of all, for women).

The health treatment of Usbekistan does not reach its European level. So, you are recommended, to take all necessary medicins with. Outside Tashkent, you cannot rely on quick medical ambulance assistance. However, even in Tashkent, the waiting time is too long.

Attention: do not drink unboiled water!


Important phone numbers

Firemen: 01

Police: 02

Ambulance: 03





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