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The citizens of European Union can effect their tourist trips to the territory of Usbek Republic with valid travelling document and entry visa. As valid travelling document, a passport is to be understood (standard, diplomatic or sevice passports) the validity of which could be till the finish of stay in the country at least. Regarding drivers, the international driving licence is to be required, including technical certificate for a vehicle.

The Republic of Usbekistan has introduced visa regime with all states, with exception of former Soviet Union countries (except Turkmenistan, where visa regime was introduced since 1999, and Tadzhikistan).

So, the travelling to Usbekistan is arranged with visa regime for holders of all kinds of passports. The requirements for entry visa to Usbekistan are executed at Usbek Embassies in Europe, in Vienna (Austria), Berlin (Germany) and Warsaw (Poland).

The citizens who require Usbek entry visa, must fullfill the following conditions: the inviting party Usbek private or legal body (travel agency, company, etc.) is to be asked for Consular Section of Usbekistan Foreign Ministry. The entry visa, which would be required in Tashkent, are possible to be obtained at Consular Sections of Usbekistan Embassy or General Consulate abroad, where Usbekisatn has the representation (a place where the visa would be delivered, must be stated in the application form).

In certain cases, the entry visa could be obtained directly at Usbekistan airport . Nevertheless, you are forced to ask for, in advance, Usbekistan Foreign Ministry, by means of Usbek subject. The entry visa could be issued after the approval of Usbekistan Foreign Ministry. In such case, the applicant is obliged to present such approval confirming visa granting on the airport, before he leaves for Usbekistan, otherwise the air-way company is not entitled to take such person on board.

The applicants pay for entry visa according to price-tariffs, as follows:

(without no guarantee – the decision of Usbek party is always valid):

One entry return visa:

stay up to seven days:   USD 40

stay up to a fortnight:      USD 50

stay up to 30 days:         USD 60

stay up to three months: USD 80

stay up to six months:     USD 120

stay up to one year:        USD 160

+ USD 20 administrative fee

Provided you obtain a visa for more entries, the fee is to be increased for USD 10 for each journey.

One way entry transit visa:

for time period of 24 hours: USD 20

for time period of 48 hours: USD 25

for time period of 72 hours: USD 30

Reciprocal transit visa: USD 40

For unlimited number of trips:

for period of 6months: USD 150

for period of 12 months: USD 250

All foreigners are obliged to announce their stay in the country at police authorities. They are obliged to announce, within  three days of entry to Usbekistan, their locality and assumed length of stay  to local appertaining administration of Home Ministry. Provided the foreigners are accommodated in hotel or in any accommodation institute, this duty will be effected by these organs. They also do the necessary passport registration. If such procedure will not be fullfilled, so the fine, amounting to USD 60 is menacing. Anyway, we wish to recommend you to check, before you leave, at Consular Section of Usbekistan Embassy abroad, if the conditions for entry and stay did not change in the meantime.




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