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The safety situation in Venezuela is in critical stage. Great criminality exists in the country, and its importance as well as the intensity are rather unfavourable. Except frequent small pilferages, the number of armed attacks is increasing, even during the day. The attacks effected from motorcycles are frequent, mainly in traffic jams on roads leading from the airport. So, you are recommended not to wear the jewels on visible points, more expensive types of watches, etc. Moreover, even valuable objects, left in hotel room, are not safe for 100%. If the passenger stays in one locality, he is recommended to use hotel safe. When you are attacked, would you offer no resistance, do not do any violent movements, and give all subjects which are required. In case when the tourist could be damaged by pilferage, he would contact the Police PTJ as soon as possible, and would require a written protocol. Immediately afterthat, he would also inform the respective Embassy.

During stay in Caracas, it is no good to walk on foot in the town after dusk. The Embassy warns against visit of Caracas environs, so called „ranchitos“, where serious criminality prevails at any time period.

Sanitary (Hygienic) Recommandations:

- do not drink the water from water-conduit

- recommended vaccinations are as follows: against tetanus, paresis, diptheria, typhoid, jaundice A and B, yellow fever

- the states of Barinas, Bolivar, Merida, Monagas, Portuguesa, Sucre, Tachira, Zulia and Amazonas are in the third risk group of malaria, so the meflochin is recommended to be applicated. The Venezuela Health and Social Development Ministry draws an attention to 35% increase of malaria (it is especially in the states of Bolivar, Amazonas and Delta Amacuro). The tourists who visit such regions, could absolutely use (take) anti-malaria medicines, according to time table, belonging to the respective type of malaria. Even the increase of dengue fever was noted there (it is especially in north parts of the country - states Aragua, Lara, Zulia). However, to most threatened age category belong the children of 10-14 years of age and younger.

In October 2003, The Venezuelan Health and Social Development Ministry recommended all travellers to applicate the vaccination against yellow fever, in a time-limit of 10 days before entry to the territory of Venezuela. Thed reason is. the appearance of yellow fever in various localities of Venezuela. So, the confirmation regarding vaccination is required. Such arrangements are valid since 1st October 2003, and is obligatory for all passengers older than one year of age.

The survey of the countries in question, which is being actualized, could be found on the address: www.who.int/wer


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