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Published: 21.10.2007
We are tired with paddling, so we are forwarding our journey for at least two days to visit the reservation where live the original African animals. Local people discharged them not to threaten their villages.

The way to Murchinson Falls, the reservation on the border with Kongo, is long and wearysom. The route of 400 kilometres ,  covered mostly with clays and  stones  with big holes is waiting for us. Main roads are asphalted but after rain saison are in terrible stage.

The road reminds tankodrom. We used, after five hours´drive, for this quality  and we did not mind against the fact that our heads are  knocked against the roof of the car. The driver went  80 kms/hour and wheel hold with one hand only. The worst situation was in a moment when he hold the wheel with both hands as this meant that he is afraid of. You hear  always blowing on the local roads, the bigger car has always the preference. When we see the second reversed  lorry along the road, we fasten our safety belts. The traffic collaps in capital Kampala is terrible. it does not  remind anything we have seen up to now.

We took breath, when the  reservation bolt opened in front of us. After payment of a fee and watching the souvenir-kiosk for tourists we are at our finish. The groups of baboons are sitting along the road. They are not pleased to pick up and run unwillingly to virgin forest.

This is something for our photograper! – If the driver let  him go, he would be able to pursuit them across the whole reservation. It is really many-coloured life around us, it seems that we do not disturb all these antelopes, pigs and birds at all. 

We have to go to the camping place , in order to lease a ranger, without him we cannot go to safari. We are very tired after the  journey lasting the whole day, so after a dinner we go to bed. The accommodation is really luxurious, we are sleeping finally , after two weeks, in beds, and do not perceive some cockroaches we met in the rooms.

Early morning we start to a small  ferry via Albert Nile, which takes us to the opposite  river-side , where local ranger is joining us. A nice surprise follows, as it is pretty young black woman  laughing all the time and  threatening  looking machine-gun . We have to stay in hotel, there is surprisingly quick internet connection available.

However, we have  lost the chance to see the lions at hunting, this was the unique minus point of our trip. We are taking the photos of river-horses, cooling in a water and the elephants, having a rest  in the shade of trees. We are mounting and leaving to the North.

After several kilometres the character of the country  changes, the trees are missing,  being replaced by bushes  and well-grown grass. We are passing  savana, where there are grazing the groups of antelopes, buffalos, and reposing bands of elephants, the wild pigs and running around us, majestic giraffes slowly taste the bush and  many-coloured birds are flying around.  The lions are reposing somewhere in a shadow. It is very funny to observe what about we are ready to do for a good picture or catch! We are on a roof of a car during the drive , twisting our  backbones in breakneck jogin positions , when leaning out the windows , or we prove not to move for long seconds , and looking at pretty ranger-woman, receiving from her the explanation about each animal, passing by.

It is wonderful to be on safari, but enormous heat and  mad journey  tires us , so we are looking forward for our camping and a lunch. We do our best not to think to the several hours´ lasting return way , hoping that the driver is less tired as we are.

Driving along roads in Uganda  in the darkness will be a hard experience as well.

Our woman-guide shows us the traces and paths of  each type of animal, living here.

Each animal has its own path to the water spring or for food.

Anyway, we have to leave the fascinating world of original Africa animals  and return back to wild rapids of Nile. A couple of kilometres to our finish on White Nile remain.


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