The Zorbing could be arranged to a group of rather easy extreme and outdoor sports, which could be made in the nature anywhere (water, grass, hills). This sporting branch was established in 1995 in New Zealand, as a merit of two creators: Andrew Akers and Dwan van der Sluis. Necessary inspitation was found in famous Leonardo da Vinci sketch - i.e. a man with raised sideways arms.

At present, when the attractions for summer experience would be looked for, this action could be suitable, as a gift for birthday or important anniversary. The zorbing or gigantic inflated plastic ball, at the weight of 90 kgs and a diametre of 3,2 metres, differently joined with small cables, getting a foothold smaller ball inside, where maximal three persons could be inserted (got into). This immense (gigantic) inflated ball, rushing down at maximal speed of 50 kms/h. The slope, where the zorbing is effected, would have its maximal inclination of 20°. and the length of 200 metres. You cannot be afraid of stopping, you cannot influence it at all. Against each slope, where you will be let out for your run, it is always against-slope where you will be stopped.

Zorbing could be performed all year round, and nearly anybody could try it. As the exception(similarly as in case of any adrenalin sport) pregnant women and the persons with heart troubles are excluded from such activity. As another condition: it is minimal height of 140 cms and the weight which would not exceed 95 kgs.

This adrenalin sport is magnificent for relax and getting of sufficient quantity of adrenalin and for gaining of fresh new ways of experience.

The localities, where the zorbing could be tested:

- Vrchlabí in Giant Mountains

- Luhačovice in Zlín Region - Ostrava

- Brno - České Budějovice

- Prague (Mnichovice)

- Uherské Hradiště

- Bohemia Forest

Text: Nikol Wolfová

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: wikipedia.org


Zorbing: A Safe Adrenalin Experience For Everybody
Published: 21.7.2011
Generally, zorbing could be presented as some easy sort of outdoor adrenalin sporting activity where you can fully enjoy a lot of entertainment. On the other hand, some other sorts of zorbing is existing. You can move inside great, inflated plastic ball along water level. In such case, it is aquazorbing. Or, you can roll headlong downstairs along grassy hillside.


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