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Zorbing: A Safe Adrenalin Experience For Everybody

Published: 21.7.2011
Generally, zorbing could be presented as some easy sort of outdoor adrenalin sporting activity where you can fully enjoy a lot of entertainment. On the other hand, some other sorts of zorbing is existing. You can move inside great, inflated plastic ball along water level. In such case, it is aquazorbing. Or, you can roll headlong downstairs along grassy hillside.

In today´s article, you can read something about land-zorbing.

As a matter of fact, zorbing is some way of  rolling from the hillside, inside gigantic inflated plastic ball, where there is fixed, by means of many cables, a smaller ball, where adrenalin oreferring individual is about to enter. Inside, he has to be bound, by means of safety straps and to be caught by internal cable deviations. Shortly afterthat, such individual could expect his parade drive downstairs the hill, full of somersaults. It is important to add that a risk of possible injury is really minimal. Ingeniouis construction of such gigantic ball would be able to muffle all unexpected collisions. On the other hand, you have to realize then before than you turn round 360°, the ball move approx. 10 metres ahead. So, when you find yourselves inside, despite the fact you rotate, as in case of doing somersault with your head down, the process is not going so quickly, as your head would turn round. Such unusual experience could allow really nearly anybody. Similarly, as in case of another adrenalin sporting activities, zorbing is not suitable for pregnant women and persons, suffering from serious heart diseases.

Zorbing in the environs of Bratislava

I was also temptated to try such way of adrenalin sporting activity, less known in Slovakia for the time being. So, when zorbing appeared in one web-site, offering such way of activities, and even at price reduction, I decided quickly. We make zorbing with my friend! I was very pleased that we had the opportunity to try it directly in Bratislava, not far from my home, close to cycling route, on Petržalka side at Danube pier. We know perfectly this area as we regularly undertake there our cycling or in-line skating excursions. We shall do the tests along cycling route Bratislava-Čunovo (where you can find many stands offering refreshments), where each cyclists or in-line skaters have their favoured line, so, we try to do zorbing here. We followed carefully weather forecast for next future days, and ordered our action for the next Saturday in the morning. By the way, we are permitted to let down even without any order in advance. Despite the fact that the price, paid on spot, was a little higher as those paid via reduction portal, all this was acceptable. Within summer weekends, zorbing is effected behind kiosk „Obratka“, located close to branch-line from pier in direction to the community of Čunovo.

Our first zorbing tests

Originally, our intention was to come to stipulated location on bike or on in-line skates. However, the weather was unfavourable, as strong wind blew. So, we decided to go there by car. The parking is possible directly behind the kiosk, mentioned above. Finally, we regretted our decision later, as the wind became quiet after a while, and the whole morning only moderate breeze blew. But such activity would be necessary after during whole day sitting in the office. Nevertheless, we arrived on spot in time. We did not see any „zorb“ (great ball), so we entered the kiosk. Anyway, after a while, a group of young boys appeared on a pier. They started to distend some tilt amd inflate a gigantic ball. So, we drunk our drinks and joined them. When looking closely this moderate and rather short slope, I realized, whether all this could not be badly invested money, as no adrenalin would not be effected on such short section. So, as the first one, my friend went to be plucked down. He took out his shoes (it is a condition for enter inside) and he clambered inside through side hole. The instructor explained him, how to be secured in safety way, and where to be caught by hands. Afterthat, the question followed, whether he would be ready, and two boys tought the ball and drew him down the hill. So, he rolled downstairs. Down, another two boys stood there, in order to seize (catch) the ball, if necessary, but the ball stopped itself downstairs on low plain. When my friend went out, he laughed. So, I begun to believe that such movement would be really very good entertainment. One of those fellows drove again the zorb upstairs and now, I clambered inside. When I started to roll down the hillside, the smile on my face appeared immediately. It was really a phantastic experience! So, each of us made twice such operation, and always in different direction. We rolled down, once with somersaults ahead, and for the second time, with somersaults back. I was extremely enthusiastic just from this roĺling back, as you cannot see absolutely anything where you are rolling in fact. I felt absolutely enthusiastic about such way of entertainment, despite the fact that the route was relatively short and the speed was not too quick at the same time. To tell the truth, I am ready to repeat such activity sometimes in the future. It would be the best way, to try it at longer and more severe hillside. Nevertheless, as far as I was informed, there are not available such attractions in West Slovakia for the time being. Let´s trust that this way of entertainment would be introduced somewhere in the future, too.

Text/photo: O. Kubáčková

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš




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