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Border disputes between Ethiopia and Eritrea are not solved till now. However, the tension in the area is increasing within past months, and outstanding transfer of arms from both countries to the border is increasing.

So, we recommend you, not to travel towards some areas, especially to Ethiopia or Sudan borders. The border between Eritrea and these two states is closed. Further, do not travel to Tesseney, Afabet area, Nakfa and Sebederat and Ethiopia border (Temporary Security Zone). In areas in west direction from Assab port, in south from Mendeferra and Barent, and in the environs of Massawa, you can meet mines. So, we recommend you, not to leave the roads and inform in advance, regarding safety on the route.

Moreover, the Eritrean Authorities, in connection with strained situation, owing to unsolved frontier disputes with Ethiopia, the movement in inland is strongly limited. So, before you arrive to inland, you are obliged to ask for consent at the respective authorities. The threats of bomb attacks are quite actual in recent time period. So, the tourists would be prudent. Standard criminality (pickpockets) is limited, despite increasing tendency, to bigger towns only.

From tourist point of view, Eritrea is undiscovered country. The population is formed from Orthodox Christians (50%), remaining rest form the Moslems. Nevertheless, as far as the cloths, language, foods and customs, including used picture letters are concerned, the Eritreans  resemble the Ethiopians, especially in Amhar-Tigre region.

So, conservative clothings as well as decent behaviour, would be a rule, the politeness is valid also when haggling in the market. Nevertheless, would you avoid your presence at protest demonstrations or other crowds of people, the same is valid for making films and photos. If you make the pictures for your private purposes, would you ask the respective person in advance for his consent.

When travelling to Eritrea, you need special permission for archaeological findings, church monuments as well as the visit of Dahlac Islands, which are legendary diving paradise. Safety zone (25 kms long) along Ethipian border is not accessible, as United Nations Troops are settled there. The same situation is at Sudan border, too. Moreover, extremely difficult is a visit of Assab port.

Inside certain areas, you can meet mines or unexploded ammunition, as a rest of Eritrea War for independence. So, we recommend you maximal caution (not to travel in the night and not to leave the roads and ways). Before each journey, would you inform in advance about actual situation, outside capital Asmara or port Massawa.

Regarding arrival to Eritrea: the only way is by plane. The same is valid for your departure from the country.

Open time in banks:

Mondays-Fridays: 8,00-11,00 h, and 14,00-16,00 h

Saturdays: 8,00-12,30 h.

For money exchange: as a document, you need your passport.

Tourist Agency Eritrean Tour Service is opearting in one of main square.

Phone: 00 291 1/12 49 49, Fax: 00 291 1/12 76 95


Police: 11 55 55

Ambulance: 12 22 44

Firemen: 11 77 77







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