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Capital:                    Paris

Population:             61,4 mil.

GNP:                        + 1,8 % (2007)

Official Language:  French

The French Republic is a democratic state in West Europe. The territory of France form also the areas in  Caribic, North and South America, Indian Ocean and  Pacific. France is e member of NATO, one of  founders of European Union and one of 5  constant members of Security Council of United Nations . France is also one of  8  acknowledged nuclear powers.


By approval of Constitution of the Fifth Republic there was  expressively strengthened the authority of Executive Commitee  in relation to the Parliament. The French President is elected -according to the Constitution – directly for a period of five years. The President nominates a Prime Minister, presides a Cabinet,  commands to armed Forces and is closing the agreements.

France is a founder-member of European Union. This fact  influences the French Foreign Policy. On 29th May 2005 France refused in a referendum the ratification of the European Constitution , where approx. 55% of population  voted „NO“. This result changed critically the future development of European Union, in the same scope as the ability of the country to stay on the position of so called Leader of Europe.


The most part of territory of France is situated in the West of Europe . The borders of the country are: in Northeast with Belgium and Luxembourg, in the East with Germany and Switzerland, in Southeast with Italy and in South with a Spain, Andorra and Monaco.

French Republic  is composing also from territories in North and South America, Indian and Pacific Ocean, Caribic and  Antarctic.

The continental  part of France covers  a surface relating to 542 965 square kilometres..

In the North and in the West the countryside is  plain with moderate undulation, on the rest of the territory is mostly  hilly and  uplanded. In the French Alps there is situated the highest point of West Europe – Mont Blanc ( 4810 m) . The other  mountains  contain  the Pyrenees,

the Central Massif, Jura, Vosges, Armor Massif and Ardennes. The biggest French rivers are those as Loire, Rhone, Garonne, seine and part of  the Rhine-river.


In France you can meet – thanks to its vastness – various nature phenomena – from sand  beaches with palms in the south on French Riviera  up to high mountains in  French Alps.


The Czech citizen has a  claim for a necessary and urgent health care , provided life or health are in danger. Before your trip from Czech Republic  we recommend to take from the Branch

of  Health Assurance the form E 111 or the European Card of Health Assurance.

In France you have to pay for the medicine service in cash directly to the doctor who issues the Certificate of Care – „Feuille de Soins“. In order to receive the reimbursement  for the medicine costs  you have to contact the Local Health Assurance (Caisse Primaire d´Assurance Maladie) or  relevant Health Assurance in the Czech Republic.

In case of hospital care the pacient has to pay the prescribed participation only:

-medical care – 30% of costs

-labor tests    40% of costs

-medicines     35-65% of costs

-hospital care 20% of costs and EUR 14,-  daily for  a board  at the same time

The repatriation for  Czech Republic and  in case of death the transport of  mortal remains is not considered as an urgent health service. We recommend therefore to take out a life-policy.

before travelling.


There is a densy railway nest in France. The speciality in  the country there are Rapid Trains TGV. These are electric driven  carriages moved on normal (standard)  rails in a speed over 300 kms per hour.

Transport in Paris: by  means of underground, by tram or by bus – the nest is very dense.


In France there exist at least 81 daily newspapers, engaging approx. 30000 journalists..

The French press has troubles in last several years, especially by the fact that the sale is dropping. More and more readers of daily press are preferring TV. On the other hand, the first and most  expanded media in France there is a regional press. Very popular is also a radio , preferred by 80% of population.




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