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Honduras is the second greatest territory of Central America (after Nicaragua). The country neighbours in north with Caribbean Sea, in west with Guatemala, in south with Salvador and Golfo de Fonseca Bay, and in south and south-east with Nicaragua. The coasts of Caribbean Sea is 664 kms long, whereas the length with Pacific Ocean makes 124 kms only. 65-80% of total surface is presented with rocky mountains, reaching the altitudes from 300 m up to 2850 metres above sea level. The plain-lands are along both coasts and several river valleys.


Hodnuras is rich on fauna and flora. However, some of most interesting local animals are nearly extirpated, first of all, from the consequence of loss of breeding places. So, on the menaced sorts of animals, you can find Guara Roja, (scarlet ara parrot), national bird, as well as some other sorts of parrots, jaguars and others. It is good luck that local government decided recently to extend the number of preserved areas and national parks (at present, there are 20 areas altogether), so that all menaced sorts could be saved.


Mountaneous coasts of Honduras are much more colder as coastal plains. Rain period lasts since May till October. So, along Pacific Coast and in inland, the season of relative dry period prevails since November till April. On the other hand, rain period along Caribbean Sea is lasting all year round. In capital, situated in an altitude of 975 metres above sea level, the climate is moderate, with the highest and lowest temperatures, moving from 25/14 °C in January, and 30/18 °C in May.


From nearly seven millions nation, most (90%) is formed with cross-breed of Spaniards and Indians. Another 7% are thoroughbred Indians, living in isolated enclaves. The negroes form 2% of inhabitants, 1% is formed by whote men. Nearly 60% of population are employed and active in agriculture.




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