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Capital:           Rome

Population:     58 057 477

GNP :               + 1,9%  (2006)

Official Language:  Italian

The Republic of Italy is South-European democratic state situated on  Apeninian peninsula.

Belongs to the states  with  most dense colonized states of Europe. There is a big difference

between rich and industrial developed northern regions and poor, mostly on agriculture dependent southern regions.


Italy is a Republic with a parlament democracy. The president – head of State – is elected for a period of  7 years. Italy is divided into 20  administrative regions, where each region has its own elected assembly. Italy is a Member of European Union – they have 78 seats in a Parliament  and 29 voices in European Council as well as NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation).


Nearly 80%  of Italian surface form the mountains. It is possible to divide the surface (area)

of  Italy into three areas: in the north there is  huge  mountain massif of Alps  - on the frontier with Switzerland and France (Matterhorn 4478 m) , the most extended mountain-range is

those of Dolomits (Marmolada 3342 m). Under Alp-massive there is spreading the bigger low ground, in the valley surrounding Po-river. The mountain barriere of Appenins extending throughout the whole Italy, divides the peninsula into two parts. There is one part belonging to Adriatic, and the second one, falling to Meditteranian.


World-famous volcans Vesuv (Naples) and Etna (Sicily) belong to those most typical nature phenomena, which  Italy is able to offer to us. For central and southern Italy there are typical all-the-time-green  vegetaces, oaks  and oil-trees , as well as for the Alps there are typical its mountain pikes. In the northern regions there is Centraleuropean climate, in the Alps  mountain  climate, in the rest of the Italy littoral.


The citizen of a Czech Republic  has a claim for  a necessary and urgent health care , provided

the life or health is in danger. It is necessary – before the departure from the Czech Republic –

to take the Form E 111 or The European Card of Health Policy from the Agency of the Health Service.


In Italy there is very good  and dense the highway-nest.  However, it is necessary to enlarge

this nest as more that  three quarters of all goods are being transported on roads and the individual transport is also very popular, too.


More than 70 titles of newspapers – in the total issue of nearly of 9 millions of copies –

are being published and issued in Italy. Except of state broadcasting RAI there exist many other private TV and radio stations.




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