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Capital:                                   Vilnius

Population:                             3,4 mil.

GNP:                                       + 7,5% (2005)

Official  Language:                Lithuanian

Lithuania is the most southern situated and bigger country from the three Baltic republics.

Lithuania borders with Latvia ( 588 kms) on the North, with Byelarussia  on Southeast, with Poland (103 kms) and Russian region of Kaliningrad (273 kms) on Southwest.

The Lithuanian coast is 91 kms long.


The Republic of Lithuania was renewed after  breaking  away from Soviet Union in 1991.

In May 2004 the state entered to European Union and became also a Member of NATO.


From unique natural coast , the country with dunes in Bay of Kursk , the undulated plains change – in direction to the inland – with highlands. The countryside is formed also with 400 lakes.


Lithuania is situated in the transitive belt from mild to the continental climate.


We recommend you to obtain – before travelling – in the Czech Insurance Agency  the respective European Certificate of Health Assurance, on base of which the Czech citizens receive the urgent medical care.  In case of Lithuania you have to calculate always with additional payments of  nearly all sorts of medical care , all types of medicines are to be paid for. We recommend to consult the Czech Insurance Agency.


Length and density of roads nest

Total length of roads is 44 500 kms, from this number there are 21 100 kms with a fixed surface.

From Vilnius to Klaipeda and to Panavezys there is  two-lines road. Via Baltica ( M12) is crossing the territory of Lithuania , starting on the Polish-Lithuanian border and ending in Estonia.

Roads condition in general:

Roads condition in towns is not too good, the roads are full of  holes and  wash-outs.

Main roads outside communities are in comparatively good condition. Some local roads are covered with  sediment of sand and gravel.

In winter is the snow, however,  removed from roads usually with delay.

The highest speed limit : in communities 50 kms/hour, on highways  130 kms/hour (since

1st April to 1st November ) and 110 kms/hour ( since 1st November to 1st April).

On roads where there are the road lines divided, the highest speed limit is 100 kms/hour ,

on the other roads the speed limit is 90 kms/hour.

In a period since 1st September to 1st April the drivers are obliged to drive with lightened reflectors all the days round.

In a period since 10th November to 1st April the drivers are obliged to use the winter tyres.


In Lithuania there are 5 TV stations ( two of them are public) a 3 main radio stations.

As to newspapers: the most important is Lietuvos rytas in the total issue nearly 0,5 mil. of copies.




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