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Castle ruins Kostomlaty - Czech republic


Castle ruins Kostomlaty
Locality type: Castles
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Nymburk district

Nerby the river: Bílina

The extended torso of Kostomlaty castle (also Sukoslav, according to Vaclav Hajek of Libočany Chronicle) is arising on outstanding afforested hill, not far from the community Kostomlaty pod Milešovkou. This castle belongs to most beautiful castle-ruins in Bohemia, according to many castle-ruin lovers.

This castle was founded on place of older piece of ground of Slave origin, at the beginning of 14th century. Its establishment was effected by Osek Parentage Nobles, seated in Ryzmburg castle. The castle had a character of typical  Middle Age stronghold. However, in 1434, the castle was conquested by Jakoubek of Vřesovice, known Hussite soldier (he did not participated the final Hussite battle at Lipany-village and fought alone in North Bohemia, so he got enormous property in such way). Nevertheless, Jakoubek had to escape from this newly conquested castle during an attack of winning Lipany troops. In spite of this fact, he was reminded as castle-owner in 1435. His successors held the castle till 1623, when the castle was confiscated. Anyway, the castle stopped to serve its purpose twenty years before, as the message of 1606 made a note that the castle wold be as uninhabitated.


New owners moved into more comfortable castle, not far from here. Nevertheless, new interest for castle-ruins awoke the arrival of romantism and tourist movement. In middle of 19th century, there was built a small pub in ruins and there was reconstructed main castle-tower and opened for public.


However, after 1948, the restaurant was defeated by destruction, and the staircase leading to tower-top was damaged by ravages of time. Till now, there were preserved from this powerful building the moats and mounds, fortifications, rests of palaces with fortification tower, bergfrit, finished with more narrow place, rests of gallery and rest of bastions. However, the tower is not accessible. How to get the ruin? We start from the community Kostomlaty pod Milešovkou, following blue tourist trail. This way is not long and it is rather difficult in its short  afforested section  in front of the castle. Anyway, more experienced tourists can join the visit of ruin with climbing to Milešovka, the highest mountain of Bohemian Highlands, distant 6 kms approx.

Text: Denisa Arvajová

Photo: Google, Google Earth


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