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Dalešice dam - Czech republic


Dalešice dam
Locality type: Dams
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Highland (Vysočina) region

Nerby the river: Javornice


This water work  is placed on central flow of Jihlava-river and contains two reservoirs - main basin at Kramolín and balancing basin at Mohelno. River-basin makes 1136 km?. Dalešice reservoir was constructed mostly for industrial reasons, as supply of nuclear power station of Dukovany with water. It is functioning also as filling water electric powewr station, supply store-house of industrial water, supplies water for ground irrigation, protects against floodings and improves hygienics relations along the flow. As to tourist activity: you can use it especially along right bank, because it is not builded up from this part.

Swelling length: main basin 22 kms, balancing basin 7 kms

Inundated area: 480 ha and 118 ha

Volume of seized water: 127,3 mil.m? and 17,1 mil.m?

Standard volume: 59,5 mil.m? and 5,6 mil.m


Main pier

length in crown: 300 m

width in crown: 8 m

width in basic rift: 300 m

max. pier height over base-line rift: 99,5 m

pier cubature: 1,95 mil.?


Balancing basin pier

length: 185 m

width in crown: 7,75 m

width in base-line rift: 32 m

heigth: 49 m

concrete cubature: 89 400 m³


Photo: Wikipedia.com


Czech republic


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