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Talich valley - Brdatka - Czech republic

Educational path

Talich valley - Brdatka
Locality type: Educational path
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Beroun district

Nerby the river: Berounka

Attention, please,you would not confuse this educational path (Brdatka – Talich Valley) with similar educational path (Brdatka - this is near to Křivoklát). This path heads for slopes of Ostry and through its valley. The occurence of animals and plants is changing in accordance with its environment. Along the brook, you find plants, preferring shade and humidity. Other plants are to be found on its south slope. Here, there are more warmth as well as enough sunshines. In March, there is started to grow liverleaf here. According to the form of its leaves, this plant was taken as a medicine against liver diseases. Anyway, there were planted here even non-originated plants. However, they had no rivals or parasites, so they extended quickly. The acacia was transferred here from eastern part of North America. This tree was planted here for big quantity of nectar and as a food for bees. However, the acacias started to be extended quite quickly, and, it drive out local wood as a consequence. On the other hand, black pine arrived here from South Europe, from Alps-Mountains larch-tree (this tree extended here in such great quantities, that it is taken as local tree now). In spring, the pond is full of frogs. Toads and green frogs return to placem where they were born. However, the frogs serve as a food for adders. You can also meet a lot of birds here, such as jays and cuckoos in summer. Further, you can hear woodpeckers´ knocking to the trees. Nevertheless, you could pay attention for dangerous beetle, sheep-tick, which could attack you with some infection disease.

Route length: 3 kms



Czech republic


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