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Artificial Small River in Polabí - Czech republic

Artificial Small River in Polabí
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Oblouk Labe mezi městy Pardubice a Hradec Králové

Nerby the river: Opatovice canal

The path leads along Opatovice canal , shortening the arch of Elbe-river between Pardubice and Hradec Králové. The canal is medioeval water-work watering over two hundred of ponds and small ponds. Now, we cannot recognize at all that  the river is an artificial work, it sunk fully to the nature. It flows through Elbe-plains in a shadow of  robust trees.

Route Description:


From Lázně Bohdaneč (Bohdaneč Spa) we go a bit along the main road in direction to Chlumec nad Cidlinou. Before we leave the town, we cross for the first time Opatovice canal, near  powerful oak-tree. You turn away to the left to Neratov. After community of Neratov you continue in direction Přelovice-Břehy-along  Buňkov pond –Lohenice-Mělice-Živanice, back to Lázně Bohdaneč.

If you do not like to go on roads, you can use the tourist-signed path through meadows out of roads. It depends on you if you travel with trekking or road bicycle.

Route length:               24 kms

Route Character:      Easy excursion on plain small roads




Czech republic


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