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Natural Park Radotínsko-Chuchelský háj (Grove) - Czech republic

Nature places of interest

Natural Park Radotínsko-Chuchelský háj (Grove)
Locality type: Nature places of interest
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic

In 1990 it was created natural park , connectiong  Radotínské údolí (Radotín Valley) and Chuchelský háj (Chuchle Grove) with Barrndov-Rocks. Its surface has 1395 ha.

Many fossils of  animals of primary rocks were found in these locations, thanks to limestone mining. The area was damaged a lot  by these activities. You can see several karst phenomenons (caves). A part of this natural park forms the Natural Preserved Area  Český kras (Bohemian Karst).

Yellow marked tourist sign as well as information path  lead you  throughout the park.

This path connects Barrandov Rocks, Chuchelský háj (Chuchle Grove), Malá Chuchle (with Virgin Mary Spring) and protected  lime-kiln over community of Velká Chuchle.

As protected areas there are declared natural reservations of Radotínské údolí (Radotín Valley) , Slavičí údolí ( Nightingale´s Valley), Homolka, Chuchelský háj (Chuchle Grove), Staňkovka and natural monument Ortocerový lůmek (Ortocero Quarry).



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