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Bítov castle


Bítov castle
Locality type: Castles
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Znojmo district

Nerby the river: Dyje

Bítov Castle is situated in southern Moravia. Its history begins in 10th century. Originally, there was built wooden castle here, which became a defensive-line of Bohemian-Austrian border, erected by Prince Břetislav. Anyway, first notice comes of 1046, mentioned in fondation charter of Stará Boleslav Chapter.

In 14th century, the castle was in possesion of Raimond of Lichtenburg. This powerful man, nominated as Moravian Executive Officer after murder of King Wenceslas III., obtained the castle as a heritage of his parentage. Old castle was demolished, and new building was constructed on highest headland point. Its part was formed by independent defensive tower, palace, chapel and a Lichtenburg crypt. Bítov Parentage of Lichtenburg kept the castle for two hundred years.

In 17th century, Bítov dominion was bought by Frederick Jankovski of Vlašim. He introduced Bohemian language in his dominion, let built agricultural wing and brewery here. This building saved later the castle. During 30-years War, when the countryside suffered from Swedish military troops, Hynek (Frederick´s son), let rolled out barrels of excellent beer, and drunken soldiers renunciated conquest of castle. Further important interference with architectonical change of castle, there was costly reconstruction, financed by Maxmilian Ernst II., grandson of Hynek.

At the end of 18th century, castle got the face, we know at present. Frank Joseph of Daun created an elegant seat in Classic style and romantic Neo-Gothic style. There was built a kitchen, quarters for officers or theatre hall. Henry of Daun continued later, after father´s death, in  luxury Neo-Gothic reconstruction. He invited here famous Vienna-painter Anton Schuller. He changed big courtyard as well as a garden into park. In outskirts, they appeared later Neo-Gothic buildings, as, for instance, rotunda-view or summer-house near to Love-Lake.

The castle had, after Daun Parentage, two further owners. In 1912, the castle was bought by George Haas, rich enterpreneur, he got later Baron title (thanks to his generosity, presented to Emperor Franz Josef). However, he died in 1914. His son George Haas younger, enjoyed fully the wealth heritated. He created Zoo-garden in his dominion, this was biggest private Zoo in a period of 1920-1930 in Czechoslovakia. However, it occured a tragedy later. When a committee of Bítov citizens and partisans visited him on 11th May 1945, instructing him, to leave immediately the castle and move to Austria, he shot himself on spot. So, in 1945 the castle was taken over by state (since 1949 is open for public). Legal inheritors of the castle, Coppée Parantage of Belgium, received compensation of CZK 1million in 1962-1963.

If you wish to enter into romantic atmosphere of Middle Ages, do not loose the performance of historical fencing or medioeval music.

Time table - Opening time for public


April:          open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays   9,00 - 12,00h    13,00 - 16,00h

May, June:    open daily except Mondays                         9,00 - 12,00h    13,00 - 17,00h

July, August: open daily except Mondays                        9,00 - 12,00h    13,00 - 18,00h

September:    open daily except Mondays                        9,00 - 12,00h    13,00 - 17,00h

October:        open on Saturdays,Sundays and holidays 9,00 - 12,00h    13,00 - 16,00h

Entrace tickets: 


Full entrance ticket: CZK 85,-

Reduced tickets: seniors: CZK 60,-

Reduced tickets: children 6-15 years of age, students, disabled persons: CZK 45,-

Organized groups: CZK  10,-

Photo-possibilities in interiors during sightseeing: CZK 70,-

Children below 6 years of age: free of charge

In case of reservation: no surcharge.


Full entravce ticket:  CZK 85,-

Reduced tickets:seniors: CZK 60,-

Reduced tickets: children 6-15 years of age, students, disabled persons: CZK 45,-

Children below 6 years of age: free of charge.

In interiors, there is no allowed photo-taking.

Castle jail, dungeon, torture-chamber:

Full entrance ticket: CZK 40,-

Reduced ticket: CZK 20,-

Water world (Ghosts):

Unit entrance ticket: CZK 20,-

Children below 6 years of age: free of charge

Castle chapel:

free of charge, sightseeing possible at wire-gate only.

Zoo garden:

information regarding entrance tickets, etc. contact by phone No. 00420/607515918


Text: Maxim Kucer/ Pavla Voborníková

Photo: pruvodce.com/bitov


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