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Travelling to Mongolia, you need a passport, the validity of which must be longer for at least 12 months as the validity of required entry visa. The holders of passports are obliged to have the respective entry visa, which could be obtained at any Consular Section of Mongolian Embassy of the world.

Mongolia has the Embassies in the following European countries:

Budapest (Hungary), Berlin (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic), Paris (France), Warsaw (Poland), London (Great Britain), Moscow (Russia), Sofia (Bulgaria).

The citizens of European Union are allowed to enter, except Ulaan Baatar International Airport, only through two railway cross-borders, such as: Suchbaatar/Nauski (with Russia), and Dzamin Ud/Erlian (With China), and three road cross-borders, such as: Altanbulag/Kyachta and Cagan Nur/Tashanta (with Russia) and Dzamyn Ud/Erlian (with China).

On arrival by means of motor vehicle, the Pass Control Officer will stamp the passport of vehicle´s owner in border certificate with a mark „temporary entrance“, and the Officer enables the vehicle to enter. Nevertheless, the vehicle must leave Mongolia within six months. Central Customs Authority could prolong the stay of the vehicle for another six months. While driving the motor vehicle, you need international driving licence. On arrival to Ulaan Baatar, you are obliged to pay a toll.

In a moment of departure from Ulaan Baatar International Airport, no fee is to be paid for, all fees are just calculated in the respective air-tickets.

Attention: the execution of Russian transit visa at Russian Embassy in Ulaan Baatar is connected with very hard troubles. So, we wish to recommend you to obtain the Russian bilateral (two-sided) visa in advance, before you start your trip there. Moreover, would you carefully fill in Russian customs declaration, just in a moment of entering Russian territory.


The registration for foreigners is cancelled for those persons who visit Mongolia for time period of 320 days. During stay up to 30 days, the respective registration is being effected by Foreigners´Authority and Citizens´ Questions Office in Mongolian capital or Police Administration in Province centres within a week after arrival to Mongolian territory. When this registration duty would not be fullfilled, so a penalty is menacing, in case of private as well as legal bodies.

For the registration, you need to buy the respective form. The registration is being done free of charge.You need: a passport, one photo, and the respective registration form. It is not necessary to visit this Agency in person. Before the departure, the registered foreigners are obliged to announce themselve in the office. Provided they do not do so, there is a danger that they will not be permitted to cross the border control. The cancellation of the registration is done immediately free of charge. No minimal as well as maximal time period for registration cancellation before planned departure from Mongolian territory is stated. The foreigners could do this official step when they buy a ticket or air-ticket.

Visa prolongation

The visa prolongation is necessary to be effected at least three days before visa validity expiration. The visa could be prolonged only once, for a time period of maximal 30 days. Frankly speaking, the prolongation of Mongolian visas is rather complicated, from financial as well as time period point of view. So, we wish to recommend you, to take all such details into consideration, and travel to Mongolia with stipulated visa terms.

Address of this Foreigners´ Agency is as follows:

Ulaan Baatar, Suchbaatar dureg, 2 horo, Cirgis urgon culo (street) 11.

Offficial hours: Mondays - Tuesdays 9 - 13 h and 14 - 17 h

                         Wednesdays: 9 - 14 h

                         Thursdays - Fridays: 9 - 03 h and 14 - 17 h.

Contact phone: 312737, 315323, 1882

Anyway, we wish to recommend you to check, before you leave, at Consular Section of Mongolian Embassy abroad, if the conditions for travelling and stay did not changed in the country in the meantime.






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