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Safety situation

We wish to draw your attention to rather big bad-discipline of Polish drivers and the fact that basic rules os road traffic are not kept, so, for instance, direction lights (lamps) are not being used at surpassing or crossing between separate driving lines. However, some other customs are different, such as turning aside or rotation across central dividing belt (line) of four line roads, pedestrians´ preference rules, entering the road, are not kept.

Attention: the marking arrangements on rounder-bounds  is also different. However, the roads have deep lines in, making the driving difficult, especially when it rains. In general, technical state of roads in Poland is on lower level as in Czech Republic. Polish Republic is a country preferring traditional religious feelings. Anyway, devotion form is quite different from Czech customs. So, you are obliged to behave in proper way in Church spaces.

We wish to draw your attention to possible pilferages, or to a danger that your vehicle could be damaged by burglary. It is absolutely necessary to maintain basic safety rules, first of all during drive in the night. So, we wish to recommend you to do the parking in watched parkings, and do not stop, especially in the night, in remote parking places.

In the same way, you are consistently obliged to lock your vehicle, even in such places as petrol station, for instance. Your personal belongings have to be put in such way, so that the pilferage risk could be minimalized (valuable objects would be put separately in several places, the luggage must be orderly locked, a bag would not be carried on the arm, valuable matters do not leave in vehicle, while vehicle door is unlocked during driving. Would you avoid to carry valuable jewels on spots where big crowds of persons are to be occured).

When police is writing necessary damage-protocol, you would ask for exact survey of all data, and always an interpreter is to be asked for assistance. In case of any possible trouble, would you require the help and assistance of Consular Section of Czech Embassy or General Consolate, or continuous service of such Czech offices in Poland.


Important Phone Numbers:

Tourist line - free of charge:                            112

(from cellular phone as well as from standard phone line)

Police (recommenation: call better 997,

as line 112 is often engaged)                           997

First Aid – Emergency Service                         999

Road Service                                                  9633

Pulling Away Service                                        981






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