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In the island, standard cases of small street criminality are appearing. All things, left without supervision, could be an object of  theft. So, you are recommended to avoid deserted places and beaches after dusk.

Staying in hotel, you have to pay a special tax. (St. Kitts 7%, Newis 8%), the same tax is to be paid in restaurants.

Regular ferry connection is functioning between St. Kitts and Newis Islands. The islands are equipped with good nest of roads. The bus transport is private and it is not organized according to time tables.

We wish to draw your attention to the fact tah St.Kitts and Newis has very severe anti-drugs politics. If you would be caught, having in possession or transporting the drugs, so, several years lasting jail could follow.

Since August till October, increased danger of hourricans could appear. The period with heavy rains starts since May till October.


Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency service, police:   911

Firemen:                                    465 2333


Saint Kitts and Nevis


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