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SK, Galmus: Siklava Rock
heading (paragraph): Others
Today we take you to not that well known area of Galmus which you can find on the north of the Vo...

SK, Bratislava - magical Christmas markets
heading (paragraph): Towns
Bratislava Christmas has returned to the streets of the capital. Take a little stroll through the...

SR, Moravany nad Váhem - Venus and beautiful sights
heading (paragraph): Towns
On the left side of the Váh River and the foothills of the Považský Inovec Mountains is the villa...

SR, Tomášikovo - village with a water mill and a castle
heading (paragraph): Towns
The village of Tomášikovo is situated between the Černá voda and Malý Dunaj rivers. Apart from th...

SK, Šurany - town of European importance
heading (paragraph): Towns
Today we will visit the town of Šurany, a town of nearly 10 thousand, surrounded by the beautiful...

SK, Kuchyňa - recreational tourism with sightseeing
heading (paragraph): Towns
At the western foot of the Little Carpathians lies the village of Kuchyňa, which attracts tourist...

SK, Galanta - A Center of the Danube Region
heading (paragraph): Towns
In the southwestern part of Slovakia, approximately 50 km from Bratislava, lies the town of Galan...

SK, Leopoldov - A Town not Only with a Prison
heading (paragraph): Towns
The town of Leopoldov, a town of nearly 4 thousand inhabitants, is situated on the alluvial depos...

SK, Šamorín - ancient and modern town
heading (paragraph): Towns
Less than 25 kilometres southeast of Bratislava on the Rye Island is the town of Šamorín, a town ...

SK, Zlaté Moravce - Gem of Dolní Nitra
heading (paragraph): Towns
At the confluence of the Žitava and Zlatnianka rivers lies the district town of Zlaté Moravce, a ...

SR, Hlohovec - Town of Natural and Cultural Treasures
heading (paragraph): Towns
On the banks of the Váh River and the south-western edge of the Považský Inovec Mountains, it ext...

SK, Stupava: Natural and Cultural Center of the Zahorie Region
heading (paragraph): Towns
Stupava is one of the most visited towns and villages in the Záhorie region, not only because of ...

SR, Smrdáky - Picturesque Spa Town
heading (paragraph): Towns
In the picturesque landscape of the Záhoří Mountains at the foot of the White Carpathians lies th...

SK: Myjava - A Center of Kopanice Region
heading (paragraph): Towns
Take a tour of the town that honours and preserves traditions, maintains the folklore of its ance...

SK, Košariská - Birthplace of Štefánik
heading (paragraph): Towns
Come with us to the typical hill village of Košariská, which consists of nine homesteads. The bea...

SK, Modra: A Town of Ceramics and Wine
heading (paragraph): Towns
In the southwest of Slovakia, approximately 25 km from the capital city, lies the famous town of ...

SK, Dudince - A Realm of Healing Water
heading (paragraph): Towns
At the head of the Krupina basin is the town of Dudince, which can boast not only one of the high...

SK, Sereď - The Holocaust Museum
heading (paragraph): Towns
In today's video, we will introduce you to an authentic place related to the tragic period of sol...

SK, Sereď – Chateau and Park
heading (paragraph): Towns
The town of Sereď is located in the southwestern part of Slovakia on the right bank of the river ...

SK, Vysomarch - Border Bikebridge
heading (paragraph): Others
The connection between the Austrian Marchegg and the village of Vysoká pri Morave has been restor...

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