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Horšovský Týn - castle and chateau - Czech republic


Horšovský Týn - castle and chateau
Locality type: Castles
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Domažlice district

Nerby the river: Radbuza

Horšovský Týn is early Gothic castle, surrounded with chateau in Renaissance style. This building fascinates with its subjugated atmosphere of Middle Age. As it was obvious on most places of such type, where these castles were situated, various inhabitated places and merchant centres were to be found. And just this is a case of Horšovský Týn. The merchant station protected here, in ancient times, the cross via Radbuza river. Later, at the beginning of 12th century, there was established here fortificated Bishop´s  homestead. Nevertheless, in 13th century, there was necessary to establish more modern and stronger fortress. So, Jan III. of Dražice, Prague Bishop, let to build, with support of the King, a castle in early Gothic style of Castel type, and the town was founded at the same time here. The castle was surrounded with 3 metres thick walls , the entrance was enabled by means of draw-bridge, vaulting above the moat, and the tower guided the bridge as well as the gate. On western part, there was placed inhabitated palace with a tower. Later, in the course of 13th century, the chapel of Holy Trinity was constructed.

During rule of Charles IV., Horšovský Týn became a town, and was surrounded with fortification, thanks to Archbishop Ernest of Pardubice. In 1535, strong Lobkowitz Parentage obtained this dominion. However, after big fire in 1547, Jan Popel younger of Lobkowitz, let to re-build it in essential way, and arranged from it Renaissance chateau of Italian type. In a chapel, there appeared new paintings, which pictured, except religion motifs, presented the original face of  Horšovský Týn. So, the paintings in Escutcheon Hall, present Provincial Assembly Meeting held in 1558. Jan Popel younger participated on it as Highest Judge and Highest Mayor. On walls of rooms on second floor of newly constructed north wing, there were placed pictures, representing Passion period from Jesus Christ era.

In 1622, bought, after White Hill Battle, all these confistated estates of William Lobkowitz, Jan Popel younger son, Count Maxmillian Trautmannsdorf. His Parentage did not effected any important change here, nearby park was founded only. At the end of 1880, Professor Josef Schulz, architect, deserved well of covering of chateau walls with sgraffitos, paintings and inscriptions. Horšovský Týn remained in ownership of Trautmannsdorf Parentage till 1945, when the nationalization was made. In 1996, the whole area obtained, thanks to its historical value, was declared as National Cultural Monument.

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Text: Maxim Kucer

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