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Čertova stěna (Devil's wall) - Czech republic

Nature places of interest

Čertova stěna (Devil's wall)
Locality type: Nature places of interest
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Český Krumlov district

Nerby the river: Vltava

Čertova stěna - Luč is national nature reservation of extent of 140 ha approx. It is placed around a section of Vltava-river between communities of Loučovice and Vyšší Brod. This reservation was founded in 1992, joining of Čertova stěna and Luč. On tops of Čertova stěna and Luč, there are to be found power rock formations. Most known from them, there is top rocky formation of Čertova stěna (Devil´s Wall) with powerful boulder, named as Devil´s Pulpit. Further ahead, you find Strašidelník Hill, covered with dead troops of trees, fallen as a victim of forest fire in 1988.


Devil´s Wall top is accessible from parking place, situated along road connection Vyšší Brod and Loučovice. Reservation is crossed with two tourist trails, cycling route as well as railway Lipno-Rybník.

Rare species

Nearby the river, there is to be found a place with appearance of critical menaced plants. You can see and investigate other menaced sorts of plants and animals, such as heathers, winter-oak, or adders, lizards and others.

Text: Václav Zamba

Photo: Google


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