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Čertův hrádek (Devil's castle)


Čertův hrádek (Devil's castle)
Locality type: Castles
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Blansko district

Nerby the river: Svitava

The rests of castle ruin come probably from  second half of 13th century, from colonization time period. Since 1512, this castle is mentioned as deserted. Its destruction was effected probably in 1389, when castle Vicov was conquested, situated nearby Čertův hrádek (Devil´s Castle).

The castle is placed in the community of Okluky, on blue marked tourist path, nearby summer camp. When you turn aside state road Prostějov-Boskovice to way directing down to the valley, you reach soon the castle. In past, you would find this castle on a rock, around which small Okluka-river is flowing, directly over confluence with unnamed brook. Okluky community belongs to Malé Hradisko village.

Main reason for this name could be the position of the whole forest massif, known as  „Na hrádku“.

Except of blue marked tourist path, you can follow red marked trail. However, no way leads just to castle ruins, so there is rather advanture to arrive to the castle. From the north, there is leading one path to the castle directly, but, better way would be, when you pass along chalets via first small bridge, passing several fences, following some rocks, up to  castle-ruins.

Nevertheless, your efforts are worth to be done!

This castle was constructed on break of 13th and 14th centuries, i.e. during colonization time of Drahany Highlands. People´s legends say that there was a robbery seat here. However, castle-owners, as well as its origin are unknown. In 1512, the castle formed a border between Plumlov dominion and Ladislav of Boskovice property. In 1788, there were found here horseshoes and Turkish knife. In 1972, there were discovered here (in the course of archaeological excavations) parts of walls and mounds, the postherds from kitchen utensils of 14th century.

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