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Around Jáchymov

Cycling of curve

Around Jáchymov
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic

Nerby the river: Ohře

This cycling route belongs to those of middle difficulty stage. Your excursion could be started from the town of Jáchymov, where you find a lot of places of interest. You follow green marked tourist trail No.2005, via the community of Mariánska. On your route, you pass information tables of circular educational path „The Way Through Jachymov Hell“. You pass former uranium mining place Edward. Further, you drive via Boží Dar Peat Bogs, National Nature Reservation. On your right side, you can see a peak of Božídarský Špičák (1115 m). Further, you turn to the right, in direction towards the community of Boží Dar, following the road via Klínovec, important relax centre, along marked cycling route No. 3002. On your left side, in Černý potok (Black Brook) Valley, there is to be found nature monument Horská louka (Mountain Meadow). Here, you can find rare flora.

Consequently, you turn to the left, following marked cycling route No. 3005, and drive via communities of Srní, Smilov and Okounov. Along cycling route No. 3001, you continue up to the community Stráž nad Ohří. You arrive towards the village of Krásný Les (Beautiful Forest) and turn aside to the left, via community of Maroltov to Dolní Žďár. Later, you join red marked cycling route No. 2012, leading you back to Jáchymov.

Route length:  67 kms

Character: this route has middle difficulty stage


Czech republic


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