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From Liberec up to Pomezí

From Liberec up to Pomezí
Locality type: Cycling of curve
Continent: Europe
State (country): Czech republic
Place: Liberec district

Nerby the river: Lužická Nisa

This cycling route is quite easy. Your excursion could be started from west environs of Liberec, at Krásná Studánka railway stop. You drive, following green tourist trail, in western direction, to the community of Bělidlo. You mount up to highest point, in the gap. From this place, you drive, along asphalted road, in north-west direction, down, around game-keeper´s house, up to the community of Chrastava. From here, you continue your drive, along a road, in direction to Václavice, where you can visit Grabštejn Castle.

Further, you continue your drive towards Chotyně, passing a bridge above Nisa-river. Here, you join cycling route, leading you to the road towards the town of Hrádek nad Nisou. If you continue ahead up to state border and cross the bridge, you reach soon Kristýna swimming pool. State border could be crossed through tourist path and you arrive to the German town of Zittau. We recommend you to use the same route when you return back, i.e. along Chotyně river, and continue ahead further via Bílý Kostel towards Chrastava. From here, you follow marked cycling route No. 21 in direction to Andělská hora (Angel´s Hill). You mount the gap. Here, there is to be found small train stop. From here, you continue your drive through forest over Nisa-river, and leave the forest shortly in the village ofr Machnín.

Further, you drive to the right, across a bridge, and continue your way, following marked cycling route No. 14, arrive from left part on to a road, in direction to the community of Stráž nad Nisou, and reach shortly a place, when your excursion was started. Driving in right direction, you arrive back to Liberec.

Route length: 48,5 kms

Character: this route is quite easy and not difficult


Czech republic


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