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River Lužická Nisa - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river sources at the edge of cadastre of community Nová Ves.
flow length:
55 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

Nisa river is passable at higher water-level after snow-thaw or heavy rains. The descent could be estimated in Stráž, at confluence with Černá Nisa river. The navigation can be started in Stráž or Machnín and finished in Chrastava. We can navigate up to the state border. This section is suitable also for open boats , as it is all year round. The valley in the surroundings of Hamerštejn is very picturesque.

Lužická Nisa river sources in Jizerka north of Bedřichov in an altitude of 765 m of sea level, flows from mountains to the south, in Jablonec turns to northwest to Liberec, and near to Hrádek nad Nisou leaves our territory to Poland. The border is crossed at 235 m , drains  the surface of 375 km2. From Jablonec, the river flows through  flat valley between  clay banks, the stones are in  river-bed quite exceptionally. The slope is not big, the river is turning in many places. The trees are laying over the river on several places. We recommend to have a look at weirs firts. However, some of them, especially on its lower section, are not passable.

The river flows, between Jablonec and Liberec, through colonized countryside. Anyway, near to Machnín, leaves the civilization, the valley become nearer, with big  bent flows the headland of Hamrštejn and under Chrastava, flows into an open country.


It is possible to secure it in Liberec, we do not use the camping places, in spite of the fact that one plůace is situated in Hrádek nad Nisou.

Food supply:

It is available in Liberec, Chrastava and Hrádek nad Nisou.

First aid:

It is available in health centres in Liberec, Chrastava and hrádek nad Nisou.

Places of interest:

Liberec: Wallenstein houses of 17th century, Renaissance castle, Neo-Renaissance Town Hall, ZOO garden and Botanic garden.

Hamrštejn: ruine of a castle of 14th century, nature reservation.

Chrastava: Neo-classical town hall, Baroque fontain.

Hrádek nad Nisou: originally settlement of Lusatian Serbs.


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