River Čistá - Czech republic

spring (source):
The river springs in Giant Mountains under Liščí hora (Fox Mountain) in an altitude of 1260 m of sea level.
flow length:
19 km

Basic information about river

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Water stages

River description:

The river springs in Giant Mountains under Liščí hora (Fox Mountain) and runs to the south accros Černý Důl to Hostinné, where at the level of 348 m mouths into Elbe.  From Černý Důl runs the river through narrow bed via inhabitated countryside. The road  removes of the flow  near to Fořt, in order to return again near to Terezín. The brook  runs quickly, sometimes you meet stony rapids , the disadvantage is  that the bed is  immense, especially in its upper section. The weirs are not navigable, the complications could occure also in an embanked bed.

Čistá river is navigable during snow-thaw or  after strong rains only. Anyway, from confluence with Luční potok (Meadow Creek) the lower stand is sufficient.  The navigability is to be stipulated according to the water-index in Hostinné. At a stand of 40 cm we can go to the upper flow. However, it often happens that the water flows of Luční potok only ( this could be navigable, too). The whole section could be navigated – at the favourable water stand – within 2 hours.


It is available in Rudník and Hostinné.


It is available in Černý Důl, Terezín, Rudník and Hostinné.

First aid:

Available in health centres in Černý Důl, Rudník and Hostinné.

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