River Bystřice - Czech republic

spring (source):
Bystřice springs nort-eastern of Hřebečná in Boží dar – peatbog area in an altitude of 1010 m of sea level.
flow length:
27 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

The river is navigable only within spring-thaw or aftzer strong rain. Anyway, for the section of Hroznětín it is sufficient the lower water-level.  The stated  water-index is mentioned in Liticov, where suitable index for upper flow is relating to 40, from Ostrov is 30 sufficient.

There is organised so called  „common navigation“ in spring months.However,  the navigation is suitable for the experienced water-men, as on the upper flow it is necessary to stop in a bend with rapid in front of the tree fallen there.

The river  flows first to the south , from the confluence with Bílá Bystřice (White Bystřice)

turns to southwest and near to Velichov mouths to Ohře from left. The surface of river-basin is 164 km2.  The upper flow is a mountain-torrent with narrow stony river-bed. Under Hroznětín the flow becomes more quiet and the river runs  via Ostrov  through nice valley into Ohře. The upper flow is surrouned with forests and meadows and populated countryside.

The river-slope is less violent, near to Merklín overtops 10% and at mouth drops a little.

The difficulty  does not exceed WW II (II+). The danger on the upper flow makes the stream-speed and  vastness of river-bed.  It is necessary to have a look of weirs , some are navigable.

Attention, near to Merklín there is a dangerous  water fall.

As to tributaries: Jáchymovský crrek is navigable from time to time.


As the flow is too short, no camping is necessary

Accommodation can be reserved in Ostrov, Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) or in Vojkovice.


Available in places: Merklín, Hroznětín, Ostrov.

First aid:

Available in health centres in Hroznětín and Ostrov.

Places of  interest:


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