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River Černá (jihočeská) - Czech republic

spring (source):
Novohraddské Mountains
flow length:
17 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

The river of černá springs in Novohradské Mountains in Austria under Barenstein hill in the altitude of 1000 m of sea level. At first, it flows to the west, then turns to north-west from Černé údolí ( Black valley), this direction  is to be kept , via short cirle under Soběnov-basin , to the mouth to Malše river., near to Kaplice at 508 m. The river-basin of this river makes

148 km2. The river flows  through narrow afforested valley and has a character of mountain´s torrent. the river-bed is narrow with sharp bendings,its bottom is stony and rocky and with a big slope. A section near to Soběnov was arranged for navigation of woods ( banks and bottom). Now, these buildings are in ruins and can be as further obstacles in your navigation. As to weirs: we find some  here, they are in a bad condition, however. Near to Soběnov a dam was built ,  it served for woods navigation in the  past.

As to tributary: Pohořský creek is nice and navigable.

Černá-river is navigable during rich snow-thaw or after strong rains only. The last 2 kms of route need less water. The upper flow to Pohořský creek is difficult , narrow and immense.

The cascades are connection each other and a casual tree laying in  riverbed could be dangerous. The river is suitable, also in a section under the dam, for experienced sportsmen only. Under the dam-pier, in a river- bed, arranged in a past, there is a big slope, and you meet difficult rapids and you stop with great difficulty. The last section is nice and easy.

As to water indexes: upper flow in Ličov – 50 or 70 ( for the section from Benešov), and for the sectionfrom Soběnov – here is an index  460 at least.

The speed-navigation is relatively great, anyway, we recommend  you to pay attention for the inspection of difficult sections in advance.


It is possible to be reserved in Benešov and Kaplice.

As to the camping places: iit is not allowed up to the bridge near to Benešov ( preserved natural reservation).


It is available in Benešov nad Černou and Kaplice.

First aid:

It is available in health-centres in Benešov nad Černou and Kaplice.

Places of interest:


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