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The river of Dědina springs in Orlické Mountains under Sedloňov vrch (Hill) in an altitude of 922 metres of sea level.
flow length:
54 km

Basic information about river

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River description:

Dědina river springs in Orlické Mountains under Sedloňov hill. The river runs to the south at first, near to Chábory, where its bed is disuniting, turns to the west, and finally, before its mouth to Orlice , near to Třebechovice, to southwestern direction. Its river basin makes 333 km2.  The river flows – in a navigable section – through non-profound valley , where we find more meadows than forests on banks along. The slope of a flow is not big, the bed is clear, on some places  prevent in navigation some trees in a bed or willow-trees. The river is embanked on some places. The weirs or sluices are not navigable.  It is an interesting thing that the river has two  branches , northern and southern , from Chábory.. The northern branch is longer and has more water. The southern branch is an artificial flow, now mostly united with a countryside.

Dědina is navigable during snow-thaw and after strong rains, especially on the lower part of northern branch. The recommended water- index in Chabory is 30 cm at least. The northern branch takes more tributaries and contains more water. The navigation throughout Dědina is suitable for open boats also and can be united with a descend of other easy rivers in the area, as Orlice, for instance.  However, on both flows we have to calculate with river-bed embankment from time to time. In Opočno, where flows the southern branch through castle preserve with oven-mouth , which is difficult to be carried over. The river was cleaned in substantial way in the last couple of years , the better water conditions teher are during spring-thaws.


The camping places along the river banks are not used by watermen.

The accommodation is to be obtained in Dobruška, Opočno and třebechovice.


It is available in Chábory, Dobruška, Semechnice, Opočno, České Meziříčí, Ledce, Polánky, Třebechovice.

First aid:

It is available in health centres in Dobruška, opočno and Třebechovice.

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