River Cidlina - Czech republic

spring (source):
Near to Košov u Lomnice nad Popelkou
flow length:
89 km

Basic information about river

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Water stages

River description:

Cidlina river springs near to Košov (southwest near to Lomnice nad Popelkou) in an altitude of  580 m of  sea level.  At first, it flows through Turnov Highlands to the south, then continues to East-Bohemian plain, later turns – near to Chlumec - towards  east and afterthat – near to Poděbrady -  is meeting  the river of Elbe. The river-basin of Cidlina makes 1177 km2.

The river streams through moderate undulated countryside , little afforested only. From Bydžov it is a classical plain, quite densily populated. The slope of the river is small, therefore the whole flow belongs to easy and low ground rivers. The river-bed is prevalently clayish and its width does not exceed 20 m in average before the mouth. The difficulty does not exceed ZW step , in spite of the fact that in some places there are small rapids, several metres long, safely navigable.  The weirs are mostly not navigable , and under lower water-levels  there is necessary to go through  mill-race , leading away the water.

As to navigable affluents: we find the rivers Javorka and Bystřice in this river-basin, having the similar character. As to mill-races: we can name Mlýnská Cidlina I and II, which can be used for navigation from time to time.  The Sánský mill-race, which joined Cidlina and Mrlina, is not passable.  Attention while passing Žedhuňský pond, here is a birds´ reservation!

Cidlina could be navigable – in its upper flow from Jičín – at moderately  increased water-level after hard rain. From Chlumec nad Cidlinou the river is navigable all year round.  ¨The stated water-index in Sány is 60 cm (for the section  from Jičín) and 40 cm (for the section from Nový Bydžov) – could the situation a little misrepresented . The water is lead away through canals, on the contrary, the flow is increasing when the ponds are let out.

Cidlina is a pleasant river during autumn navigation and at higher water-levels. The navigation from Jičín is an excursion of several days, for a tour of one day we recommend to use the lower section. River Cidlina is suitable for open boats.


The only camping place is situated before the mouth into Elbe, on the left side.

We finde accommodation in  bigger places along the river – such as in Jičín, Nový Bydžov, Chlumec and Poděbrady.


It is available in places: Jičín, Vysoké Veselí, Smidary, Skřivany, Mlékosrby, Nový Bydžov, Chlumec nad Cidlinou, Žiželice, Žehuň, Libice.

First aid:

It os available in health centres  of Jičín, Nový Bydžov, Chlumec, Poděbrady.

Places of interest:


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