Published: 10.11.2007
The town of Dobruška is situated near to Orlické Mountains in an altitude of 287 m. The historical nucleus is since 2003 town monument zone. Zlatý potok (Golden Brook) flows through the town.

First notice of Dobruška comes of 1320. The town was former known as a Market Community Lešno, placed on crossroad of business roads. Thanks to this good position the town obtained – before 1320 – the right of beer-brewing. In 14th century became Dobruška a seat of Church administration. The town started to develop with arrival of Noble Family of Trčka of Lípa in 1495. It received  the privilege of monthly, week and horse markets. The citizen could moveindependently, under the condition that the compensation on estate will be secured. In 16th century, impoversished gentry moved to town.

Town hallThe most important building of town is a Renaissance  Town Hall of 16th century. The building was constructed after big fire in 1565.  In a place there were two more fires in 1806 and in 1866, biggest in town´s history. Town hall was one of first building, having been reconstructed. In  town hall´s tower you find the museum exposition, dedicted to history of town and its environs. Church of St. Spirit is situated on a height over the town, heading to Orlické Mountains. The beginnings of church  are connected with beginning of Christianity in our country.

Owing to the non-preserved written documents we can suppose that the church was not hit by fire as it was situated on a hill outside city centre. Its wooden construction was written, of course, the ravages of time, from this reason it was necessary the reconstruction. The part of a church is formed by bell-tower which belongs to the church. At present, the church has Renaissance face.


On Šubert square, named also as Small square, we find a synagogue. The synagogue was very damaged during two destructive fires, the building was afterthat re-built in Neo-Gothic style. We find inside also the elements of former Baroque construction. On a square there is also Town´s Museum, created in 1920.

To local important native-men belongs Frank Ladislav Hek (1769-1847). This writer, patriot and national revivalist inspired the other writer, Alois Jirásek, to a person of F.L.Věk of novel of the same name.   






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