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Switzerland, Geneva
The Capital of Peace I

Switzerland, Geneva – The Capital of Peace I
Published: 26.8.2016
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We remain in Europe this time. Our goal is Geneva which is nicknamed the capital of peace. Geneva is the second largest city after Zurich. It is know…  »

Germany, Berlin – Along the Wall of the Last Century

Germany, Berlin – Along the Wall of the Last Cent…

Published: 25.8.2016
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SK, Bratislava: Waterworks Garden and the Waterworks Museum

SK, Bratislava: Waterworks Garden and the Waterwo…

Published: 24.8.2016
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Portugal, Lisbon
The Oldest City in Western Europe

Published: 26.8.2016
headings (paragraphs): Towns

Hills, yellow trams, cable cars, and hills- this all describes one of the most visited cities in Europe - Lisbon. You can easily get lost i…  »

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SK, Bratislava: Presidential Garden
Published: 27.7.2016
Summer is the period of walks and relax. Pools, parks, or mountains are welcomed shelters from the heat. We went to Bratislava's green oases this time. Locals and tourists alike find there refuge among trees and flowers.

SK, Bratislava: City Walls
Published: 3.8.2016
Presidential garden was the point of interest we saw last week. Today we see another great place in Bratislava - the city walls. They take you to the Middle Ages for free and also shelter you from the heat of summer.

Great Britain: Edinburgh –The Capital of Scotland
Published: 31.7.2016
Today, we visit one of the four countries creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is Scotland which is situated in the north of the island. The Atlantic Ocean creates its boundaries on the north and the North Sea in the east.


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