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Australia, Melbourne
Free Life Outside Downtown – VIDEO

Australia, Melbourne – Free Life Outside Downtown – VIDEO
Published: 6.12.2016
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide

Fifth year in a row has Melbourne become the best place to live. Last time I guided you through its modern and busy downtown. However, not many peopl…  »

Paraguay – Encarnacion

Paraguay – Encarnacion

Published: 5.12.2016
headings (paragraphs): Traveller  guide
SK, Tesarske Mlynany – Unique Arboretum

SK, Tesarske Mlynany – Unique Arboretum

Published: 4.12.2016
headings (paragraphs): Tips for trips
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Australia, Tasmania
An Island Full of Adventure

Published: 2.12.2016
headings (paragraphs): Others

Tasmania is an island in the south of Austrilia. It is almost as large as the Czech Republic. There are many surprises on the island. It ta…  »

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SK, Trencianske Teplice – Unique Spa Town IV
Published: 9.11.2016
We visited the most beautiful landmark in Trencianske Teplice last time - Hammam. We also entered the spa park and then admired Kursalon. Today we continue in our walks to explore many new buidligns and beautiful nooks.

Australia, Tasmania – Land Where You Encounter Wonderful Things Everywhere – VIDEO
Published: 8.11.2016
I thought that I would not find a country which is more diverse than Scotland or Iceland. I was wrong. Tasmanie is an island south from Australia. It is almost as large as the Czech Republic. However, it seems like Scotland, Portugal, New Zealand all at once. Moreover, there are all kinds of animals you have seen only in documentaries about nature.

CZ, Hranice – A Town You Should See
Published: 20.11.2016
The Moravian Gate geomorphological unit has many interesting nooks in nature as well as interesting towns one of which Hranice is. This town is 23 kilometers awy from Prerov. Since the Prehistory it has been an important crossroad of various roads. History and modernity are both present in this town.

SK: West Tatra – A Trek Up to Barance Mountain
Published: 16.11.2016
Like the High Tatra West Tatra is also popular area. You can have some remarkable outdoor experience there. Both mountains seems to be one whole. However, unlike the High Tatra, West Tatra are lower. Its mountains are more covered of grass. Barance mountain (2 185 m) is a popular locality by tourists. This mountain is situated in the south of this mountain ridge.


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