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Those wanting to cool down in South Moravia (the region has the highest number of sun hours of any Czech region) during hot summer days should go under ground. There you can find many world's firsts and you can enjoy it regardless if you are adrenaline seeker, a senior or you have children.

Magical Caves

The Moravian Karst enjoys a shining spot among South Moravia's tourist attractions. It is the largest and the best developed karst area in the Czech Republic. You can find it north of Brno. There are over 1600 registered caves in its underground. Five of the caves are open to the public: Balcarka, Katerinska, Vypustek, Sloupsko-sosuvske caves and especially the labyrinth inside Punkva caves in the Pusty deep, one of the most popular locations in the Czech Republic. There are many underground spaces decorated with dripstones. Especially great is the vista down on the bottom of Macocha, a 138,5-meter gorge. Visitor spend part of the tour by sailing down the Punkva river – the longest underground river in the Czech Republic (10 kilometers).

Sloupsko-sosuvske caves   Macocha

Balcarka cave

Obri dom (Giant's dome) – the largest underground cave in the Czech Republic – is another unique sight in the Moravian Karst. The dome's size is  70 × 30 × 60 meters and it belongs to the so called Rudicke propadani. This and the Byci rock are the deepest and longest caves in the country.  Amaterske caves are country's  longest cave network – 34,9 kilometers. The longest trail for visitors is to be found in Sloupsko-sosuvske caves (1 230 meters). The largest caves open to the public is the Katerinska cave's Main dome (97 × 44 × 20 meters). Concerts often take place here. The steepest cable car (average inclination of 63,41 %) takes you to the Upper bridge of the Macocha gorge inside the Punkva caves.

Katerinska cave

In the southern part of the South Moravia, there are other cool caves to enter. For instance, Na Turoldu in Mikulov. However, people with physical disabilities are not advised to go to the cave. Close to Vranov nad Dyji, there are Ledove Sluje in the Podyji national park. Ledove Sluje is a network of 14 cave 400 meters long and 30 meters deep. You will surely cool down in local micro climate in any season of the year. Moreover, there is an artifical cave inside sandstone massive of Milenka hill in Rudka u Kunstatu town. Be ready to see sculptures of the Blanicti knights or President T. G. Masaryk.

artificially made cave Rudka u Kunstatu

A Touch of History

It is a very well known fact that there is a lot evidence of Prehistoric settlement inside the caves. However, you can actually travel back in time and learn about Pavlov once again in the underground. The recently opened Archeopark displays artifacts from the era of the mammoth hunters. The park is basically all hidden in the terrain. In 2016, it was awarded with the prestigious Building of the Year award! Here you get right at the center of archeological excavations. The exhibition displays the settlement of the region before 25 to 30 thousand years. It shows essential discoveries made at Pavlov, Dolni Vestonice and Milovice. In this region, the oldest bone remains of the modern man were discovered. Moreover, Venus of Dolni Vestonice is the oldest known ceramic figure in the world!

moderní Archeopark Pavlov

Other findings on display are linked to South Moravian more recent history (8th to 10th century) particularly to Velka Morava, the arrival of Cyril and Methodius and the beginnings of Christianity in the country. You can see these artifacts in Mikulcice Slavic stronghold, in Pohansko near Breclav or in Hradiste on the outskirts of Znojmo.

Slavic burial grounds, Mikulcice

Under Historic Towns' Paving

However, it is chilly down there in the underground of Znojmo's historic center. The adrenaline in Znojmo's undergroundunderground of Znojmo is the largest underground corridor and cellar network in the Czech Republic. Moreover, it is one of the largest labyrinths in Central Europe. This unique labyrinth is almost 27 kilometers long. In some places, the labyrinth has as many as 4 storeys – not all accessible though. You can either take the classic scary tour or one of the three adrenaline routes.

There is a vast underground in Brno too. The public can access the medieval labyrinth under Zelny Trh, the Coinmaster's cellar on Dominikanske square or the ossuary at St Jacob church. The accessibility of the underground to the public has been increasing. Visitors can now see utility tunnels or one of the most secretive shelters right under Spilberk castle. The shelter was built during the Nazi rule as Luftschutz which was supposed to shelter against against allied bombing of Brno. During communist times, the shelter was to protect region's top officials. Don't forget to take a flashlight with your to a night tour in the shelter known by the official designation as 10-Z. When exploring the underground of Brno, don't miss casemates of Spliberk. In the Baroque times, these were feared prison for the worst criminals from across the entire monarchy. Later, political dissidents would be imprisoned inside this massive fortress.brněnské podzemí Mincmistrovský sklep

Cellars Veiled in Wine Aroma

The two-storey underground of Slavkov-Austerlitz chateau has charisma of its own. However, this one is mostly used for activities revolving around farming. Valtice underground stacked with wineDown, inside the cellars of Chateau Valtice, there is the official headquarters of National Wine Center. Valtice underground – a unique 710-meter long labyrinth of cellars – is a place where you see wine around every corner.  This underground space was created  in 1289 togethwer with the foundation of a Minorite cloister. There is much charm inside the Painted cellar, Satov. Sculptures made by the folk artist Maxmilian Appeltauer decorate the cellar. The artist native to Satov spent all his life, every Sunday for 36 years, decorating the cellar. Not even the loss of his arm during the WWII prevented him from continuing in his work. Surprisingly, wine has never been made here. It was only consumed…

wine cellars, Vrbice   Painted cellar, Satov

Well, there are many cellars in the South Moravian underground where you can cool yourself down with some delicious wine during hot summer days. The region has the highest number of wine cellars per square meter in the Czech Republic!

More tips for tourists and a calendar of events in South Moravia can be found  here:

Author: The Head Office for Tourism  – Jižní Morava, z.s.p.o.logo

Photos: Archive CCR-JM

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Those who want to spend active vacation in South Moravian region, those who want to invest their time in adrenaline activties shall find many oportunities to heaten their blood. There are many things you can do on the land, on the water, in the air – the choice is yours. The last week we introduced you to the first part of our miniseries. Now comes the second…

On the Rope

The rope centers such as the Proud center, Brno-Lesna, have many adrenaline experiences on their list of activities to offer. At the Proud center, there are 15 low obstacles, 16 obstacles the height of which can be customized, an atypical 14-meter "Alpine Tower" with vertical obstacles, a climbing net, an outdoor climbing wall, and some of the longest ropeways in the Czech Republic (up to 70 meters in leght) hanging high above the ground. Moreover, there is the "Great Jump" up from 13 metres. Also, you can take the "Via Ferrata" course for those who would like to climb alpine ferratas but prefer to try it out first in the safe environment of a rope center. Some other rope centers are, for instance, in Brno-Pisarky (like the Jungle Park with several children trails, and rope crosses over the Svratka River), in Zajec – the center there is a part of a multipurpose compound belonging to family wine-making company Nosreti, other center is at the Vranovska Dam (Lanovy Park Vranovska; they offers even rappeling from a hanging bridge above the Vranovska Creek). In addition to that, you can visit the very new rope center Hajenka Park Breclav (opened only in spring 2016). The rope center belongs to the vast western-themed town in Boskovice. The adults can fulfill theyir Wild West fantasies, enjoy some adrenaline at a cowbowy shooting range, pan for gold; children can take goats to pasture.

   a swing hanging from the bridge across Vranovska bay    a swing hanging from the bridge across Vranovska bay    training climbing wall

Permonium is a new addition to attractive places in South Moravia. It is a popular science park – situated at two different altitudes and in the 6000 m2 compound of the former Kukla quarry, Oslavany u Brna. Here you follow the traces of black coal mining. You will go through the largest elevated labyrinth in the Czech Republic, the primaveal forest of Oslavany or an old mining workshop. Finishing in the information age of today you will meet the gnomes of Oslavany in virtual reality. The Magic Permon is an  interactive game which includes overcoming obstacles in the local rope center and experience rope ride from the terrace of the mining tower.


Aritificial climbing walls designed as training ground are  situated on several places, for instance in Boulder Center VUT Brno; Olympia, Modrice (the largest outdoor wall in Central Europe); in Kurim; or in Breclav.  Usually, you can arrange private climbing lessons. There is a training climbing wall (of natural origin) in Jesovice pod Starym zamkem. The area is known as „Skaly za Zaludovym mlynem“. There are over 12 trails with permanent climbing protections covering the wall up to 20 meters in height. However, climbing there is at your own risk.


"Speleoferrata" is a unique experience you can enjoy inside the caves of the Moravian Karst. These ferratas combine hillwalking and mountaineering. However, you do not do this on rock walls but in the mysterious underground world. Speleoart is a special activity including a unique rope center inside a cave, 40-meter cascade cavern with many gaps, rock columns with rope ladders, traverses, swings, and underground climbing.

Speleoferrate   Speleoferrate

There are special adrenaline trails in the underground of Znjomo. There you enjoy amazing adventure in a labyrinth of corridors. There are 3 trails altogether; the difficulty varies according to trail's terrain and the size of openings you need to get through. Be ready to wade through water, move on your knees and elbows and traverse slippery ladders. This all happens in total darkness with the only light coming form your own headlamp. The underground of Znojmo consists of almost 27 kilometers of corridors and cellars and there are 4 floors in total, yet not all are acessible.



Paintball park, Hodonin, is a great place to be for anyone who enjoys action fighting scenes. It is the largest paintball field in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. It was sucessfully tested with 400 players in one play session. Tournaments and public games take place here regularly. Moreover, the compound inclundes a rope center, an archery range and a ATV rental. Manyak is another paintball compound. It is situated halfway between Pavlovice and Nemcicky.

Proud rope center

Near Brno in Orechov, in a former missile launch facility, there is the largest military theme park in the Czech Republic. It offers range of military-themed activities including army vehicles. A military museum, paintball, driving ATVs, firing from a machine gun, riding in a tank or experiencing a military assault course is all ready for you at the „Army Park“.

Army Park, Orechov u Brna


You can try out painball also in Merkur Pasohlavky autocamp. Apart water sports and other attractions like minigolf, beachvolleybal, in-line skating, or riding ATVs you can also jump on trampolines. Everybody from 2 to 99 years of age and up to 100 kilos of weight can jump on these.

testing your capabilities of getting through small holes before entering the underground of Znojmo 

And you will feel like jumping in Boskovice too. Try "power bocking" - or else jumping boots. They allow you to run as fast as 35 km/h. You can jump 2 meters high and 3 meters of distance. Upon completing tutored lessons you received a certificate. After that you can jump and have fun on a trampoline, maybe try shooting from a crossbow, bow, slingshot, blowpipes, walking on a slackline or throwing knives.


There are many things you can experience in South Moravia. Our „South Moravia – Activities and Adrenaline“ two part miniseries introduced you some of them.

More tourist tips or an event calendar are available on

Author: The Tourist Industry Head Office – Jizni Morava, z.s.p.o.

Photos: Archiv CCR-JM


There are many great options what to do for those who intend to have active vacation in South Moravia and are attracted to adrenaline activities. On the water, in the air, on the land – the choice is yours. This is only the first part where we introduce you what you can do in this splendid region…

On Bikes

If a visit the region of the Moravian Karst and seeing the caves in one of Europe's most important karst regions is not much of adrenaline to you, then try a "singletrail". Narrow, one-way forest paths which are carefully placed in the nature and built only forsingletrail the bikers. The Singletrail Moravsky Kras is for anyone of any skill. You can look forward to leaned turns, terrain elevation, jumps or easy sections. The point of start is situated in the ATC Olsovec compound, Jedovnice. For now, there are 3 circuits of varying difficulty which is 29 kilometers of trails in total suitable to mountain bikes. However, the biking trail network has been expanding. Additional 30 kilometers of trails are about to be finished in 2017. Freshly opened singletrail is in the landscape park near Tvarozna Lhota on the foothills of the White Carpathian mountains. In the future, new trails will be completed in the Doubrava compound in Boskovice.

If you are fans of scooters, then you can have fun in the Moravian karst as well. A scooter rental is situated in Vilemovice close to the Macocha abyss. Apart from on-road and offroad scooters for children and adults, you can try some freestyling or freeriding. If you have an active dog, hitch your scooter behind him him and try your scooter to be pulled. Both you and your pet will have a great time.

On Motorbikes

Those who fancy motorbikes must know the Masaryk circuit in Brno, the venue for the Masaryk Grand Prix – the worldclass MotoGP championship. This famous circuit is over 80 years old and is open to the public also between the championships. There are attractive activities open to the public (or a company teambuilding). There is an outdoor go-cart circuit, a professional racing car simulator which gives you an oportunity to try out the current circuit or its historically accurate variant in a safe way. Another activity is drifting school or a backstage tour. Scenic helicopter flights are also available thanks to a helipad situated by the circuit.


In the Air

If you like being in the air, Moravian flying clubs offer plenty of oportunities to get up in the air – tandem skydiving, scenic flights or training flights. For instance, Aeroklub Breclav flying club offers flights over the Lednice-Valtice cultural landscape (which is listed in UNESCO). You can even try to pilot a plane by yourself. Also, Aeroklub Vyskov flying club offers scenic flights and flights when you can try piloting by yourselves. Within the airport compound, there is the Museum of Aviation and Ground Machinery – the size of its collection makes it one of the largest museums in the Czech Republic.


Tandem skydiving is great adrenaline experience. You jump out of a plane at 4 kilometers above the ground and freefall down in the speed of over 200 km/hour for about 1 minute! A skydiving experience is available, for instance, at Brno airports (Medlanky and Turany), Breclav or Znojmo.

Alternatively, you can have a romantic flight in a hot air balloon. You can take off at the Brno dam, in Tisnov, Boskovice, Letovice, Blansko, Mikulov and many other places.

On the Waves

If you prefer an active vacation by water, try Novomlynska Nadrz first. Its area and wind conditions makes it a popular destination for Czech and foreign yachtsmen. They train there, compete there or just sial for pleasure.  Each year, 810 races of the Czech Cup or Czech Championship take place here. Moreover, you can try windsurfing, kiteboarding, aquazorbing, waterbird or water skiing. All necessary equipment including training kites can be rented for instance at Merkur Pasohlávky car camp or at Dyje Yacht Club, Pavlov.


Active paddlers can ride down the stream of the Dyje. The best are the sections between Nove Mlyny–Breclav and Breclav–Hohenau (Austria). Boat rentals are sitauted in Breclav or Znojmo. Transportaiton of a boat to the point of start and from the finish line is also possible. The water of the Dyje is calm and ideal for the beginners especially for children who can learn to paddle here.

There are numerous possibilities to do adrenaline activities in South Moravia. We introduce you some more next week in the second part of our "South Moravia – activities and adrenaline".

To read more on tourism or the calendar of events in South Moravia visit  www.jizni-morava.czlogo

Author: Centrála cestovního ruchu – Jižní Morava, z.s.p.o.

Photos: Archiv CCR-JM

Everybody knows that south Moravia is a land of the greatest wine. But not many know that there are healing water springs. Yet there is nothing better than to enjoy these two liquids, and you can do more than just to drink them…

Sun, clean nature, great food, quality wine, traditions, and hospitality make an amazing combination to enjoy relaxing. Well designed bicycle route network, many options to enjoy your free time, great cultural sights, many possibilities where to accommodate yourselves. This all makes the "south-Moravian wellness" great for seniors or for families with children, active tourists, or businessmen looking where to regian energy.

odpočiňte si na jižní Moravě  aquapark Pasohlávky  jižní Morava pro malé i velké

Spa Tradition Reborn

The south-Moravian spa tradition began as early as 14th century. The golden age came in the 18th and 19th century. Nobility, towns, and private persons tried to establish a bottling plant, or spa by any quality spring. For instance, there was reported an existing spa in Sedlec u Mikulova as early as the 14th century. Tomas Jordan in his book "Kniha o vodach hojitedlnych neb teplicech moravskych" from 1580 wrote about healing springs in Petrov. Moreover, there is Saratica, an area of natural bitter water spring  s of 240 wells across 5 mining areas from Saratice to Tesany and Luze. Then there is what was a natural sulphur water spring in Sitborice, Cejc. Next there are healing springs in Velke Roudce and many other palces across the region. However, the spa boom was ceased by the WWII. Many spas disappeared during the wartime.

spa pool, Hodonin

It was not until the end of the 20th century when the spa industry was reborn. During the drill for oil in the Hodonin area, a reservoir of Tertiary iodine-bromine wates was discovered. In the begining of the 20th century, geothermal (40–46 °C) healing water reservoirs rich on hydrogen sulphide were disscovered under the Pavlovske hills. Their capacity allow for contsruction of spa facilities for the present as well as future generations. The Pasohlavky aquapark is another addition to spas in Hodonin and Lednice. Moreover, there are many other investing oportunities.

   Lednice, spa building

More Iodine than by the Sea

During the Tertiary era, there appeared a reservoir of very mineralized iodine-bromine water. This was in the time when Moravia rose up from the bottom of the Prehistoric sea. Iodine evaporates during the healing therapy. The resulting iodine microclima contains even more iodine than there is in any sea area. Iodine is absorbed by inhalation, skin, and mucous membranes. The area with the newest Czech spa is situated in the Palava region. Vineyards covers the slopes of Palava and you can find the Lednice-Valtice cultural landscape in the area. The Lednice-Valtice is a large UNESCO-grade area with many amazing structures.

Lednice, nová kolonáda

Guaranteed Rejuvenation and Longevity

Solanka healing and relaxing baths, the most effectiv balneology treatment to cure vein diseases, locomotr system, neorological, gynecological, and skin problems are not the only healing spring in Moravia's south. The folklor, wine, and hospitality of Slovacko region undoubtedly belong to the full "wellness" experienceL. By the way, wine is, perhaps, as important as healing springs for health. Scientists can't find consensus on what agens contianed in wine are more beneficial to human health nor they can't reach agreement on why local white wine supports the levels of HDL (dubbed "friendly fat") in blood. But they agree on one thing: modest wine consumption has good effects on human organism, heat, veins, it increases life span, and improves sexual functions.

procházka po vinohradu

Drinking Treatment is Not Necessary

Already ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans knew that grapes and wine are key for eternal youth. To make wine the source of youth you don't need to drink it. Scientists found out that grapes and wine contain many active compounds such as vitamines, minerals, polyphenols, and carboxylic acid aiding sking and holding back ageing. Who would like to try wine bath which stimulates blood circulation and easens breathing problems? Well, wine baths are also offered.



Those who try the "south-Moravian wellness" is going to return like a new-born from south Moravia. It doesn't matter which of local healing springs you decide for..

ve víně je pravda   with the glass of the best wine

GPS: (Hodonin spas) 48°51'50.2"N 17°08'34.3"Elogo

Author: Central Office for Tourism - South Moravia

Photos: Archiv CCR-JM

South Moravia is often called the land of sun and wine. The number of cultural sights of different historic periods is without parallel in th Czehc Republic. However, no other architectonic style is more present here than the Baroque.

Milotice chateau width=

Please accept our invintation for a Baroque trip which will introduce you to magnificent aristocratic mansions, monumental churches, cloisters, little chapels, or ways of the cross. You will walk on the land ruled by important noble families and church orders during the 17th and 18th century. These became the richest investors after the battle on the White Mountain. To buttress their positions they built opulent chateaux, and vast church compounds with richly decorated churches inside them. They called to south Moravia important architects, painters, sculptors, stucco worker, and musicians mostly from Italy, France, or the royal court in Wien.

Therefore, we can see and enjoy Baroque-style sights across the entire region. There is much to see in Brno alone besides churches. There is the underground below Nova Radnice and Pod Zelnym Market, underground ossuary by St Jacob, and the dark casemates at Spilberk Castle

Brno underground – the coin master's cellar

South of Brno, there is Mikulov with its amazing Baroque architecture. Mikulov is considered as an example of north Italian architecture in Moravia. The Dietrichstein family used it as their family residence. Moreover, there was a significant jewish community throughout the Baroque-era and beyond. The Lednice-Valtice cultural landscape (which is protected by the UNESCO) is in the near vicinity. Wine cellars of Pavlov are part of the local landmark reserve.

Dietrichstein tomb, Mikulov   Valtice chateau

If you set out west of Brno you must see Vranov nad Dyji chateau on a rocky Znojmo – St Nicholas churchprotection in the beautiful region of POdyji. Be sure to stop inVranov nad Dyjí chateau – the hall of ancestors Znojmo. There explore vast underground (including an adrenaline trail), the former Deblinsky chateau, majestic Baroque-style cloisters in Louka, and Hradiste.

There are many important places of pilgrimage outside of Brno. For instance, Krtiny which is related to the missionaires Cyril and Methodius, Sloup by Macocha, or Vranovsky church where the tomb of the House of Lichtenstein. The chateau in Rajec nad Svitavou is an amazing example of the French-style Baroque architecture. Both Lomnice u Tisnova chateau and its grounds show the village urbanism. The preserved Baroque pharmacy in Letovice, chateau interior and gardens in Lysice are all worth your attention.

Krtiny place of pilgrimage   the library of Rajhrad

Other Baroque gems are right in the outskirts of Brno – "Little Versailles“ in Slavkov u Brna or Milotice, the latter has amazing and game park. There are mostly wine cellars in the Area 63 which is situated in Petrov-Plze village. It is very close to Straznice the location of the well-known opena air museum showing the dwellings of our ancestors in southeast Moravia. You can see traditional crafts in the smithery in Tesany. It is built in Baroque-style, of course!

traditional wine cellar Petrov-Plze

Baroque is simply all around in south Moravia! (



We remember the 300th anniversary, in 2017, of the birth of Maria Theresa. This year is recognized as the "The Year of the Empress" in Europe. The Czech Republic's theme is "Baroque – through all the senses".



Author: Centrála cestovního ruchu – Jižní Morava, z.s.p.o.

Photos: Archiv CCR-JM

You may have experienced a party on a steamer. But did you know you can rent entire train? Are you looking for an unusual place for a wedding? Are you planning a company event, teambuilding, or you simply want to surprise your business partner by some unusual presentation? Rent a steamer or even a train!

Parníky Praha

If you want to enjoy diverse vistas of Prague take a steam boat ride down the Vltava river. It is fun for children and adults alike. Moreover, you will see quite a lot without tirying your feet. Large companies or groups of people can rent a boat. Boats have interesting interiors. Cruises commence at Na Frantisku harbor on the Dvorak's embankment by the Stefanik Bridge. You can have a birthday party any time in the year. Boats have both heating and air conditioning. You will see the Charles Bridge, or  the Smichov lock. There is nothing better than watch beautifully illuminated Vysehrad at night with a glass of sparkling wine while having a a dinner on the boat. Should you rent a boat for a private cruise you can choose a custom route.

More information here:

raut na parníku   a party on a steamer

Absolute stunner is to rent a train. You will ride on a historic train with either steam, or diesel engine. Your choice. And you won't be hungry either. A la carte menu ensures you will eat great meals, and have a choice from wide variety of drinks.

pronájem vlaku

Should you like to experience something beyond ordinary than try to make a train birthday party which takes place in a historic train. We can provide special decoration according to your wishes, and even rename the train for you. Moreover, you can choose the track you want to ride. Rides to Krivoklat, or Karlstejn castles are very popular. It is  great to visit a brewery or Melnik, and Nelahozeves chateaux. But you can have something truly extraordinary. Did you know that there are tracks that are almost forgotten? Orache slowly grows over them, and there are even "ghost train stations". If there is something like a safe adventure than this is it. You can find out more about things you can do on such a train here: There is a form allowing to rent a private, or company ride.

pronajměte si vlak k firemním akcím

celebration on a train

Enjoy summer on a boat, or train!


Text and photos: Parníky Praha

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Published: 31.1.2018
There is something about making winter treks. Harsh, icy beauty of nature in winter tempts many people to set out to nature. We can make some more difficult trips even in Slovakian mountains, concretely in the Low Tatras, Western Tatras, and High Tatras. Placlivy mountain in the Western Tatras, is a locality accessible to tourist even during the winter season.

Luxembourg – Small Yet Rich Country
Published: 28.1.2018
This time around we visit a small country in western Europe – Luxembourg. Today, we make an introduction to this wealthy country. In some of the following parts, we visit its beautiful places.

SK: Liptovska Kokava – Machy Nature Reserve
Published: 24.1.2018
Liptovska Kokava is a quiant town spreading below the majestic peaks of the Western Tatras. Today, we visit the invaluable locality of Machy.

Mallorca – The Island of Great Experiences and Natural Beauties
Published: 21.1.2018
On this very day we take you to the Spanish island of Mallorca situated in the western regions of the Mediterranean Sea. It belong to the Balearic Islands autonomous region. As it is winter now, the beginning of the year is the best time to plan a summer vacation. The following lines should introduce you to this amazing, shiny island.

SK, A Trip Across the Villages of Liptov
Published: 17.1.2018
The distinct region of Liptov offers many beautiful places to visit. Today, we take a look to the villages of Vavrisovo and Pribylina where we introduce you some interesting sights and tell you more on their history.

Switzerland – A Trop to the Schwyzer Alps
Published: 14.1.2018
Today we make a beautiful family trip to enjoy some fantastic hiking. We will visit the amazing alpine resort of Stoos rising above Lake Lucerne.

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