Published: 7.11.2007
The town of Stříbro is situated 30 kms in west direction from Pilsen, in an altidute of 399 m. It is divided into 7 town-quarters. The first written notice is of 1183 in document of Frederick Přemyslovec – as Stříbro or Argentaria.

The community of miners was founded over the river Mže not far from the church of Virgin Mary. The German name of Stříbro is derived from the river (Mies, former Mzea or Misam). On 1263 it was officialy founded the King´s town surrounded by walls, the access to the town was possible through two gates only.  In the course of 13th and 14th century the town obtained many privileges. The mining of silver and lead was very successfull during Middle Ages. In 16th century  begun for the town a prime especially thanks to wheat-beer, which became the main export item. Many buildings were built during this period.

The cemetery church os Virgin Mary stands on place of older church of the same name. It was a miners´ small church, rebuilt several times, however, damaged enough during Hussite wars. In 1573-1574 the master-mason Honzík built the new church. The other interesting monument is  a dean church of All Saints, this dominates the town for its four-storeys tower.  It is to be seen from all access ways to the town. The local museum is to be found in Minoriten monastery. The most interesting exposition is those of minings´history in the area. In the course of 16th century the new building of town hall was constructed. This Renaissance building with three mantlets was enlarged, after damaged fire, in 1588. The facade is decorated with sgraffiti. The author of  rebuilding is Albert Vlach Gryson. The last reconstruction of town hall was made during 1990-1997.

The stone bridge with a tower  accross the river Mže was built in 1555-1560. The bridge has five arches and two-storeys prismatic tower, which is, after a bridge tower placed on Charles bridge in Prague, the only of its art in Bohemia.


Text: Miroslava Nováčková



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