River Botič - Czech republic

spring (source):
It springs not far of Křížkový Újezdec in an altitude of 478 m above sea level.
flow length:
33 km

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River description:

Botič springs  flows to northwest and mouth to Vltava river in Prague-Nusle.  The river-basin makes 135 km2. Botič flows through flat valley with close woods along banks. A dam was built on its flow in Hostivař. It flows through natural river-bed 1 km approx, further to its mouths it is regulated. The flow-slope is not great, the river turns in a narrow bed ( 5m), the obstacles are the weirs and the trees. The weirs and steps in a regulation are quite difficult (VV). Botič flows into Vltava through long tunnel.

The upper flow is passable during spring-thaw , or after strong rains only. The section under the dam is possible to descend after letting out of water. However, it is in a period, when the power station is working less and less, a problem. Anyway, we can count with sufficient  flowing. The upper section – it is  two hours´navigation, the passage of the lower section takes two or three hours at least. Attention for the steps in regulation with rollers and tunnels along the flow – the electric battery is recommended to be taken with.


No camping allowed  along the river. Nevertheless, we find enough possibilities for accommodation in Prague!

Food-supply, First aid, Places of interest:

All necessary is to be found in Prague


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