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River Drnový potok (Drnový brook) - Czech republic

spring (source):
In Ore Mountains under the hill Tři páni.
flow length:
10 km

Basic information about river

river sections






Water stages

River description:

This brook is used as an access to Úhlava river only , provided we arrive to Klatovy by train. It is navigable after snow-thaw or strong rains only. The navigation from Klatovy to Úhlava takes 1-2 hours approximately.

The brook springs in Bohemian Forest  surroundings near to the community of  Nemilkov in the altitude of 641 m of sea level, flows to the north and near to Klatovy mouths to the river of Úhlava. Its water basin makes 94,5 km2. The brook runs through  moderate undulated countryside as a plain flow with thick bank  copse.  The bed is narrow and  muddy. The difficulty of the whole flow is ZW.


Available in Klatovy.


It is available in Klatovy.

First aid:

Available in health centre in Klatovy.

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