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CZ: Pardubice – The Town with the Smell of Gingerbread

Published: 9.11.2017
I love Pardubice. Hence, I would like to give you some tips where to go. I love to walk around Pardubice chateau. This beautiful Renaissance-style structure was listed in the list of significant Bohemian cultural landmarks in 2010.

zámek v Pardubicích

The beautiful structure is not only beautiful thing to look at. Its surroundings is very pleasant as well as its inhabitants - peacocks. The chateau now houses the East-Bohemian Museum in Pardubice. Upon the tour at the chateau (there two guided circuits to choose from), you descend to Tyrsovy Gardens. These have been recently reconstructed. When the weather is good, sitting here is very pleasant. Also, give a chance to Galeria Cafe and have a cup of their delicious coffee. However, you may enjoy to have a picnic on a blanket too.

pávi z pardubického zámku

In case you are true coffee fan and fan of comfortable seating, you must visit U Bajera cafe, and local chocolate bar. The facafe is located on the main boulvard - Trida Miru. Pod Zelenou Branou chocolade bar is situated at the very edge of the old town. Zelena Brana (Gate) and the chateau are the main historic attractions in Pardubice old town. The tower of Zelena Brana offers amazing vista. Be sure to climb its stairs all the way to the top. As the Christmas is getting closer, I recollect annual Christmas market and the lighting of the Christmas tree.

        čokoládovna U Bajera   třída Míru

Perštýnské náměstí v rámci adventních trhů

If visit Pardubice historic center in July, plan your visit for such the day of Pernstynska Night. This annual folk festival and folk market featuring some historic reenactments takes place on Pernstynske Square, at the chateau, and Prihradek. 

In case you visti Pardubice with your children you can take them to Na Spici amusement park. I took a walk in this park only in the time of the Olympic Park event. However, your children may like the playground, sports grounds, and monkey bars.

park Na Špici

I would like to recommend you to visit Kuneticka Mountain. The castle was founded in the 14th century. There are two tours available. The castle is situated close to the town. During these autumn days, colorful trees make the place look amazing. Arabela TV series was shot at Kuneticka Mountain. An animal park situated in the lower castle is a beautiful showcase of animals. You may have a delicious lunch at Restaurace pod Kunetickou Horou.

Kunětická hora

Last but not least, I would like to invite you to a boat cruise on the Elbe. Arnost Cruise Boat has interesting things to offer. On the boat you will enjoy the surroundings and even the food. You may experience various type of cruises – school cruises, cruises showcasing crafts, cruises for seniors, you may eve get married on Arnost. If you plan to visit Kuneticka Mountain, you may get there on the aforementioned boat.

výletní loď Arnošt

Pardubice offer a lot of beautiful things to see. Be sure to pay a visit to this attractive town in east Bohemia. 

GPS: 50°02'17.6"N 15°46'43.9"E


Text and photos: Šárka Fofoňková 

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