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The river of Dědina springs in Orlické Mountains under Sedloňov vrch (Hill) in an altitude of 922 metres of sea level.
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54 km

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Published: 9.7.2008
Many merchant ways became so important that the monarchs and aristocrats let to build the castles along. In this case, Opočno is no exception. First of all, there was piece of ground here, changed later into Prince Castle, where there was - according to Kosmas Chronicle- seat of Přemyslovci Parentage.

Opocno, belfryIn 13th century, the castle became an ownership of Drslavice Parentage. They constructed new castle, created in Gothic style, just opposite the old one. After change of many owners, the castle was - at the end of 15th century - the property of Trčka of Lípa Parentage. Zdeněk Trčka started with its renovation in Renaissance style, and his work continued also Opocno, Marian Columnhis successor. However, enormous renovation destructed completely the rests of original Gothic castle.   

Trčka Family became, after unhappy White Hill battle, one of most richest parentages in Bohemia. It was a result of clever bought properties, confiscated to emigrants. Trčka Family was very closed to Albrecht of Wallenstein. He joined, apart from other, in repressing of uprising, which  broke out on their territory. However, Trčka Family participated on plot against Wallenstein, so they were punished with lost of their vast Opocno, Squareproperties, which completely received by an Emperor. Ferdinand II. divided Trčka Dominions between their loyals. So, Opočno castle received brothers - Rudolph and Hieronymus Colloredo of Wallsee. At the end of 17th century, the castle suffered from vast damages (as a consequence of big fire), reconstruction in Baroque style was started, Sgraffitos were substituted by Baroque facade, and a tower above main wing disappeared. At the beginning of 18th century, a chapel of St.Anne was added, and, finally, within first half of the same century, the garden was changed into Baroque style.                     

Opocno, castleThe beginning of 19th century signifies that Neo-classical  style substitutes former Baroque style of castle. The garden changed into vast English park with waterfalls, snug corners, bridges, etc. Later, there was placed here also Parentage picture-gallery. In 20th century, the other reconstruction was started, with its target, to return the castle into old romantic time-period. In 1922, some parts of castle were open for public. During 2nd World War, the castle was confirscated by Nazi troops, Anyway, when the war was over, the castle came to hands of state.


Opening Time-Table:

July-August: 9,00 h - 11,30 h and 12,30 h - 18,00 h

Each day, except Mondays and a day, following National Holiday.

Last guided tour beginns at 16,45 h.

May, June, September: 9,00 h - 11,30 h and 12,30 h - 17,00 h

Each day, except Mondays and a day, following National Holiday.

Last guided tour beginns at 15,45 h.

April, October: 9,00 h - 11,30 h and 12,30 h - 16,00 h

On Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. For groups, ordered in advance, the guided tours are possible also on working days, except Mondays.

Last guided tour beginns at 14,45 h.

The castle is closed: on Mondays and on days following National Holidays.

If holiday is on Monday, the castle is open, and closed following Tuesday.

In a period since November till March, the castle is closed for public.

Entrance Tickets:

Guided tour takes 75 minutes approx.

(historical interiors, picture galleries, library, Asian weapons, armoury)

CZK 60,- including foreigners without explanations in foreign language

CZK 30,- for children up to 15 years of age, students, pensioners

Shortened guided tour takes  50 minutes approx.

(historical interiors, picture galleries, library)

CZK 40,- including foreigners without explamations in foreign language

CZK 20,- for children up to 15 years of age, students, pensioners

Children up to 6 years of age in an organised group: CZK 10,-

Children up to 6 years of age with parents have the entrance free of charge.

Guided tour can be reserved for certain hour and day in advance. The reservation is free of charge.

The visitors can get, upon request, the explanation in foreign languages. In such case, there is 100% surcharge to basic entrance fee.

Visit and inspection of castle without a guide is impossible.


Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Prazak, č.2, č.3, č.4, č.5


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