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The river sources in Austria as a Lainsitz between Tischberg and Eichelberg in an altitude of 990 m of sea level.
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Příběnice castle
Published: 17.6.2009
For watermen, who cruise Lužnice river, the name of Příběnice is not unknown. This is one of most romantic places in valley of this river. It is true that the building is badly to be recognized now. Anyway, its history is rather interesting and very instructive in many respects.

Soběslav peatbogs region
Published: 25.4.2009
In west direction from South Bohemia town of Soběslav, there is to be found unique part of Czech Republic, so called Soběslav Peatbogs Region. This area is unique not only thanks its characteristic people´s architecture (which gave local villages its original features) but also thanks to its rough nature charm.

Hýlačka by Tábor - look out tower
Published: 18.6.2008
This look out tower is situated in South Bohemia near to the community of Větrovy, 4 kms distant of the town of Tábor. The building is placed in an altitude of 525 m of sea level, its height is 18 metres.

Published: 7.3.2008
Along Lužnice river, in South Bohemian Region, there is situated the town of Tábor. It is the second greatest town of this region. Tábor is an important tourist centre, its historical nucleus is declared as a monumental zone. Tábor is divided into 15 quarters, 36 000 inhabitants are living here. The town is important especially thanks to Hussite Movement and is known as railway junction also.


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