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National park Česká Kanada (Czech Kanada)

Published: 25.9.2007
It is a countryside reminding Šumava (Bohemian Forest), Brdy Hills and Bohemia-Moravian Highways. The region is limited between Jindřichův Hradec on West, the Austrian border on South, the river Moravská Dyje on East and ponds near Strmilov on North is named as Czech Canada.

The nature is rather rough, in winter there is here more snow in comparison to the similar altitudes. Anyway, all annual periods are nice but the most beautiful is the autumn. All colours  appear in the course of autumn months in nature and reflect in many ponds of the region. You can go on foot through the area of Czech Canada, it takes more time, but the experience is most strong, by using the cycle you save the time. Anyway, in travelling can help you narrow-gauge railways, they form the backbone of the western part. We are sure that you do not forget some railway-stops as it is those of Kaproun, situated deeply in forests.

You can find the border-stone dividing Bohemia and Moravia (western of the town of Slavonice). The country is cutting with main European watershed Elbe-Danube. The highest points of Czech Canada are those of Vysoký Kámen (High Stone) 725 m, Šibenik -732 m and many other tops over height over 700 m. The centers of interest  are the towns of Nová Bystřice, Kunžak, Slavonice, Český Rudolec and Staré Město pod Landštejnem. It is not far – from Nová Bystřice to the Landštejn Ruins, via Terezín and Klášter, on way we see the ruins of old castle on banks of pond Osika.

Castle Landštejn, partially restored, is worth to visit. The town of Slavonice is well-known and it is not necessary to introduce it in more detailed way. The boundary-lines to Austria you find near Nová Bystřice as well as Slavonice. In southern direction of Slavonice you find the village of Maříž with the ruine of castle.

Less people know that in a small town of Český Rudolec is situated „Small Hluboká“ - it is very destituted castle, unfortunately. From Český Rudolec to the western direction we go through the community Matějovec with church and couple of ponds full of fish and via turning roads in the middle of forests full of mushrooms and animals (we have seen wild pigs there) we pass the community of Kaproun (the railway station is destined out of several kms), we reach Blata at ponds of upper stream of creek Dračice. The greatest is those of Osika near to Albeř. We turn away back to the North and are heading for other big ponds near to communities of Kačlehy and Malý Ratmírov. We pass the pond of name Dřevo, near to Horní Pěna, and see nice ponds of names Kačležský, Krvavý and Ratmírovský. In direction to a small town of Kunžak we pass the further ponds of names Hejtman and Komorník. From here it is not far to Olšany, small community near to peatbogs of Suchdol.

Not far from here you find „shaking stone“ Trkal. However, this stone was in 1910 shaken by badly behaved youth. In spite of this, this place is worth to visit. You can read  more about the history  and legends of these stone in visitors´ book  placed there. To the south-direction we can continue to the pond of  Zvůle, where there is a pleasant bath in summer. On cycle we can choose the way on forest-paths, dividing the forests between the communities of Heřmanec and Markvarec. Near to Český Rudolec we find in a forest the pond named „Šatlava“, again suitable for  bath, provided it is nice and warm weather. Near to this pond it is situated „Grasel cave„ the grotto of a robber.

In Slavonice we close our circle of Czech Canada trip. If we are wandering on foot, we need two weeks at least, using the cycle, we pass the whole region quicker. As to accommodation: we find  the camping places (especially near to ponds). Operation period of campings is limited to summer months first of all. We can choose between the small hotels of different categories, of course. We are sure that that a tourists as well as travellers will be satisfied.

Text/photo: Vojta Jančar



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