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SK, Cerveny Klastor: Rafting Down the Magical Dunajec  – VIDEO
Published: 18.9.2018
Autumn is the most colorful period of the year and one of the most suitable for exploring the beauty of Slovakia. This time we will take you to the village of Červený Kláštor, where we will experience an amazing adventure in the form of a rippling river.

CZ: Sazava River – From Camp Horka II to Cesky Sternberk
Published: 27.7.2017
The charm of the Sazava river was already told about in the last article. Now board a boat with us for we have a 2-day boat ride ahead of us. We start off at Horka II camp and sail down to Cesky Sternberk. This section is quite tranquil with an occasional weir or two. The stretches you need to do in a day are quite long especially because of long distances between camps and snack bars. You can ride there on a canoe even in the occasion of lower water level.

CZ: Sazava – The Most Popular River
Published: 20.7.2017
The Sazava is sought after by many paddlers. Should you hear somebody saying anything about riding the Golden River, he certainly talks about the Sazava. The alternate name for the river comes from its brown-yellowish color created by clay releasing from the riverbed. The upper stream of the Szava is the Struzny creek. It feeds Velke Darko the largest pond of the Bohemian Moravian Highlands. This pond is a popular vacation place and the center of windsurfing and dragon boats.

Germany, Brandenburg: Venetian Romance and Buddhist Peace on the Sprevane River
Published: 7.9.2015
Would you like to sail on a gondola, observe Lusatian nature, meet firefighter or mail rowing boat, taste Spreewald cucumbers, or apple pure pancakes? Then visit Spreewald.

SK: Summer on Water – Fun for Everyone Who Has the Courage
Published: 31.7.2014
Do you love summer, sun, and water? Are you courageous? If so, for you we have one great advice how to spend active moments in summer. Call your friends, pack your family, and set off to a beautiful and unforgettable weir. You will have beautiful experience for sure.

SK: Pieniny – Rafting on Dunajec
Published: 18.7.2013
Rafting is adrenaline water sport on wild water. There are crews of two to six that sails on rubber inflatable boats. Even in Slovakia this sport became highly popular and each year there are many people who start practicing it.

River navigation - Some information
Published: 27.3.2008
The danger of navigation with friends. Beginner was drawned in a river because he run alone. However, there is a warning: Never drive alone in a water! Even very experienced waterman drawned (dead) in wild river, in spite of the fact that he was there together with a group! Another warning: Never drive with unexperienced friends!

Lenora - Nová Pec - Watterman's travelling
Published: 25.10.2007
The upper flow of the river Vltava, the river- section between Horní Vltavice-Lenora and Nová Pec, becomes always more popular and looked up sector not only of watermen but also of tourists making a pleasure of their walks through Šumava (Bohemian Forest) also by one-day lasting water-travelling.

Romanticism of Small Danube
Published: 15.9.2007
Danube-river is an European river, and the whole river is navigated by watermen, who prefer calm and quick stream, not difficult rapids, from springs up to Danube delta mouth. Danube-river forms on its flow, spontaneously or artificially, various shoulders, the nearest of these are for us Mosoni Duna (Hungarian shoulder) and Small Danube in Slovakia.

Excursion in Poland - watter trip
Published: 14.9.2007
Why not to go to Poland ? In past, we went there for shopping. The excursions to the seashores were effected seldom, anyway, it has its magic. But, frankly speaking, who prefers Baltic sea which is too cold ? The times are changing, so more excursions with paddles appear. First, we discovered lakes area which are Mazury Lakes in north eastern part of the country.

Water paddling
Published: 12.7.2007
Before our first sailing. Is it a taste to try? Our more experienced friends ( if they tried to sail for the first time last year) give us more advice in many aspects. So, we decided to sail for the first time, whatever reasons are available?


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