Published: 31.10.2007
Děčín is most lower placed town in the Czech Republic , its altitude is 135 m, not far from the German border and 25 kms from Ústí nad Labem distant. It is a centre of National Park České Švýcarsko (Czech Switzerland).

Shepherd's wall with a viewing terrace andThe town of Děčín is situated in a confluence of rivers Elbe and Ploučnice. It is also important railway and fluvial junction. We find here also Jílovský creek, falling into the Elbe. This advantageous situation brought  the fact that the King Přemysl Ottakar II found here the King´s town in the 13th century, having always during the period of its existence the King´s privileges.

The first notice  is dating to the year 993. In a place of today´s castle rock there were the wooden castle of Přemysl, watching the water routes. In 13th The squarecentury  there was established a stone-castle and the town extended in outer bailey. In 14th century the town was hit with several floods, whereas within 15th century desctructive fires damaged the town.

New era for Děčín started in 18th century, when the big development begun. The Thun Family, the owners (up to 1918)have let rebuilt the castle to the classic style. The industry expanded enormously, especially thanks to very good traffic connections and easy import of materials.  In Podmokly  there were established new and new enterprises, it was necessary to cover the inquiry on lodging, so the construction of flates developed. In 1942  Děčín-Podmokly  united to one town, Děčín.

CastleThe castle is situated on rocky  headland, on place of prior wooden castle, built in 13th century. Up to 1932 it was an ownership of Thun Family, later took state the property, placing here barracks, until 1991. In castle rooms  there are taken place not only the exhibitions and cultural actions , but also the weddings or literature readings. The castle is open to the public. The Regional Museum of Děčín is also popular and visited. Its seat is in prior hunting castle, one of its standard expositions is specialised for the development of ship-traffic on Elbe.

Old BridgeWe find the synagogue in Žižkovská Street. Being constructed  the jewish community of Podmokly during 1906-1907. Between 1965-1996 it was a seat of District Archives of  Děčín. Now, the synagogue belongs to the Jewish community again. An important Renaissance monument is a stone-bridge over the river of Ploučnice. It has the length of 84 m and has four arches. The statues of St.Wenceslas, St. Vitus and St.John Nepomuk were placed on bridge in 1714. As to cultural activity: you can visit the Town´s Theatre in Teplická Street. The theatre was built in 1901 as Theatre-Variete. Mr. Frank Thun let built this building which was connected with a hotel.

The local ZOO, open in 1949, is really worth to visit. It is situated into forest milieu. It is the first – between Czech and Slovak Zoo-gardens - in breeding of chamoises and exotic African as well as American animals.


Text: Miroslava Nováčková

Photo: Wikipedia.org, Ondrej.konicek, č.2, č.3, Timichal, Miaow




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