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Published: 17.1.2008
Bouldering is a climbing activity where the person tries his best to reach the stone, cliff, wall or artificial wall, without security, helmet, etc. There are mostly short and hard (difficult) sections up to the height of 4 m approx. Bouldering is a sport´s activity to which we need minimal fittings , stone and some suitable dress.

In case you start  to take up more professionaly, you will obtain climbing shoes, tooth-brush (for cleaning of capturing points), magnesium, bouldermat, etc.

The advantages of bouldering: you do not need the assistance of somebody, you climb alone, and moreover, it is not expensive – from financial and time point of view, you decide and start. It is more pleasant, provided you do this activity with your friends, in a group. The essential matter of  bouldering is climbing on relative hard routes across various stones.

The basic form of bouldering there was climbing across stones in rocks. Successively, it became an independent disciple as a race. There are various bouldering centres, these are gymnasiums with various slanting or overhanging walls and wide scale of captures. The routes are distinguished by colours or by numbers. The start is always fixed s, the route and top where the climbing is terminated, as well. The same system is fixed  on stones outside, but top for you is a fact that you climb along  marked out way. The ways are to be found by everybody, beginners or professionals, so it is not necessary to follow strictly the marked ways. You can climb in a rate of speed  in a way which satisfies you, you can invent your own ways, or make it more difficult that you do not touch some captures or stages. Bouldering connects people and forms own communities, various races are taken place, guide books with description of places, where the bouldering could be performed, are issued.

If you are a little specialised for climbing, do not let the stones in your surroundings  be in a quiet, bouldering is an excellent technical and physical  preparation form classical climbing with security.


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